Peter J. Burns III is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in the establishment and operation of niche market replicable business enterprises. He is an innovative businessman who creates and implements many new concepts from the ground up.

The Beginning of the Entrepreneurial Chapters

Peter’s passion for entrepreneurship and thirst for launching and growing businesses stemmed from an early age (at age 6, he retrieved golf balls at the Baltimore Country Club that were hit into water hazards, and sold them back to the golfers - with a glass of lemonade.). After serving in the U.S. Army and being appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, Burns was given a four-year Army ROTC scholarship to the University of Virginia. As a freshman at UVa, Burns enrolled in an Entrepreneurship course typically reserved for seniors, by convincing his teacher and peers to allow him a seat in the class. In this course, Peter and the rest of the students were given an assignment to write a business plan for a real business. “My plan focused on importing mopeds to the U.S. from Europe and renting them to tourists at U.S. resorts,” Burns explained. After the class ended, Burns implemented this plan and went on to start the first moped rental business in the U.S., making $55,000 in just 10 weeks.

Burns even went on to play a pivotal role in starting the country’s first College of Entrepreneurship at Grand Canyon University. “I think that entrepreneurship programs and degrees should be commonly found at universities because small businesses, and small business owners, are the backbone of our country and our economy.”

Peter J. Burns III, Serial Entrepreneur

Since his college years, his creation of the moped rental business as well as dozens of other profitable businesses, serial entrepreneurship and the establishment of unique businesses has been a major part of Burn’s life. In his over 4 decades of business, Burns has started, operated, sold, and/or expanded over 150 businesses.

 Some of the businesses and operations Burns has spearheaded over the years include:

•Started the first moped U.S. rental business, eventually expanded to 100 locations (Nantucket Moped 1977) 

 •First one to integrate beach stores with rental business and created a large chain (Island Beach Company 1980) 

 •One of founding members of the largest international network of entrepreneurs (YEO 1987) 

 •Created the first “Dolphin Tour” business using jet boats on guided tours through wild dolphin habitats (Water Tours 1995) 

 •Established the first franchised rental chain of bicycle, mopeds, Harley-Davidsons, exotic cars, water sports (Fun Rentals 1996) 

•Created the first integrated media rich commercial email marketing business (Cybertising  2000) 

•Invented the “Insert-A-Zine” niche-publishing concept (NightLife Magazine! 2001) 

•Started the first “open source entrepreneurship”  organization in U.S. (Club Entrepreneur 2006) 

•Started the first independent accredited College of Entrepreneurship in U.S. (GCU CoE 2007) 

•Created the template to open CoEs through the development of own curriculum and business process Patent Pending (IfE 2007) 

•Pioneered the expanded market for Cost Segregation Studies, introducing a Patent Pending for unique applications (CSS 2008) Expanded to the massive commercialization of cost segregation (HL Cost Seg 2016)

•Established the first self-contained entrepreneurship center in U.S. (eFactory/Club E Office 2009) 

•Co-founded the first financing organization for “Creatives” (singers, film producers, artists) (, 2013) 

* Founded Ethiopian Capital Partners as a bi-lateral platform of commerce between the US and Ethiopia ( 2013)

* Co-founded Luxury Travel Product Placement company that acquired empty time in luxury villas in exchange for luxury products and remarked to Closed User Groups at 40% less than the villa owner could rent out own villa. (HL Villas  2016)

* Co-founded Avia Travel Services by assembling a partnership with an expansive travel booking engine, joining it with an airline ticketing entity and creating a "one-stop-shop" for the corporate group and employee travel at significantly discounted rates. (Avia 2017)

*Commercial funding with Alternate Sources of Debt/Equity Capital formed. (Financing Debt & Equity, 2017)

*Co-founded Entrepreneur Credit Card a non-secured debt resource based on personal credit for entrepreneurs ( 2017)

* Founded Luxury Pet Transport Company (Pet Jets Travel, 2017)

* Founded Cannabis Business Banking Services Company (Cannabiz, 2017)

* Founded Credit Repair & Enhancement Business (, 2018)

* Founded Cryptocurrency Mining Financing Company (, 2018)

* Co-created Vietnamese-centric travel platform (Travel.VN 2018)

* Co-created applications of Corporate Barter/Trade for Travel Utility Coin ( 2018)

Helping to Pave the Way for Aspiring and Current Entrepreneurs

Growing up as a young Entrepreneur and experiencing first hand the ups and downs of starting your own business, as well as having decades of experience in the realm of Entrepreneurship, Burns developed a passion for mentoring. He has combined his passion for starting new enterprises along with his affinity for offering guidance to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, to create his new financial services firm, Burn$Funding ( Burn$ Funding uses unique and innovative methods (involving the use of bridge loans and shelf corporations to repair credit and gain access to funding) to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners with access to capital to fund their own business ventures.

*Founded Burn$ Funding, a unique Financial Services firm that offers a variety of personalized credit repair and funding solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners (, 2019)