Mission Statement

My name is Peter Burns and I am a lifelong entrepreneur. After my two daughters were engaged to be married (I have been divorced for 18 years), my brother suggested that I consider a stint in the humanitarian field. He suggested that his contact at a well known international NGO might be very interested in the skill sets that I possessed as a volunteer in one of their foreign outposts. My brother suggested that I might consider volunteering in Africa. I was intrigued.

After multiple conversations with the Non-Profit's CEO and the Vice President in charge of international placements, I accepted a volunteer post in Ethiopia and traveled to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia . I stayed for three months and renewed for another three months, falling in love with the country, its people and the 3000 year old culture.

I fulfilled my Volunteer duties, eagerly and successfully, bringing much value to the local mission of the NGO in Ethiopia. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I could not help but be amazed at the significant business opportunities that abounded in this newly Capitalistic country. I vowed to return to Ethiopia and put my entrepreneurial talents to work and to start up much needed businesses there in numerous verticals.

To that end, I researched and identified some 42 different projects and began working on each. My time in Ethiopia was coming to a close but I was determined to make my mark in that wonderful country.

Returning to the States, I was approached by a long time Wall Street Investment Banker. He suggested that I could use my hard work in Ethiopia in identifying opportunities, combined with my very long history of successful entrepreneurship and launch what would be, the first Ethiopian Capital Fund of it's kind. He suggested a public offering on the London equity markets. I  was intrigued.

In the past two months, I have researched the possibilities and have made my decision to create Ethiopian Capital Partners, the world's first Capital Fund serving the country of Ethiopia. I have assembled a core team of uber-talented individuals and selected a handful of initial enterprises to launch.

In the not-too-distant future, I will take my vision to the public markets. What an adventure this will be!

Ethiopian Capital Partners

Ethiopian Capital Partners is a unique Africa-centric hedge fund approach to a country that is wide open for Western joint venture partners,products and services. Ethiopian Capital Partner's management will endeavor to create a public market for its common equity shares in London sometime within the next six to twelve months and early stage investors in Ethiopian Capital Partners will be able to exchange their shares one for one into the quoted market once trading commences. Ethiopian Capital Partners and its management will also focus on bringing the highest quality medical technology, MRI, Cancer Treatment Clinics and Dialysis Centers as part of its core social commitment to improve the quality of medical care throughout Ethiopia while also creating new medical technology careers and services. Strategic potential partners should contact our corporate offices in London or Addis Ababa for additional information on joint venture funding opportunities with ECP. See more below…

Ento Bread

Using the Ethiopian pests of grasshoppers and termites to fashion both bread for human exports and for livestock additive substitutes for unhealthy meat byproducts, there could be an expansive new food created in Ethiopia. While the Ethiopian culture does not embrace entomophagy (insect eating by humans), each neighboring African does and a significant export of the Ento bread can be developed. Likewise, the adoption of insect enriched livestock food can become a significant in-country and exportable product.




Three Wheel Advertising

I developed a patent that used the underutilized US rental car fleets as third party moving billboards, bringing the concept to the thousands of taxis called Bajais throughout Ethiopia. With an average monthly rental charge of $300-$500 per advertising wrapped advertisement, the thousands of taxis represent a tremendously profitable application of this very unique advertising medium.


Wastewater to Clean Water

There is a non-mechanical, fully anaerobic method of turning waste into water that I had reverse engineered and patented and is perfect for Ethiopia as well as much of the rest of the world. The prototype of this exists in 300 installations in Central and South America but my efforts to bring this to the US and other areas was not accepted, so I had it reverse engineered.



Portable MRI(S)

There is a non-mechanical, fully anaerobic method of turning waste into water that I had reverse engineered and patented and is perfect for Ethiopia as well as much of the rest of the world. The prototype of this exists in 300 installations in Central and South America but my efforts to bring this to the US and other areas was not accepted, so I had it reverse engineered.



Premium Ethiopian Coffee Exporting

Ethiopia invented coffee. I have a contact with the finest quality Ethiopian coffee. If a brand is established with say the "Imperial" designation, reflecting the 3000 years of Ethiopian Royal Lineage, with proper roasting, packaging and marking...the single best quality, highest price coffee in the world could be created and sold.


Entrepreneurship Education

The first Ethiopian Investment Company acquisition I made involves the entrepreneurial services and financial consulting fields, which could be scaled to educate and train the next generations of Ethiopian entrepreneurs, creating a significant tuition cash flow and untold opportunities to arrange financing and provide much needed services (financial modeling, business plans, capital raising) for thousands of new Ethiopian businesses.



Taking the nearly absent industry of fishing and expanding it immeasurably with tried and true "aqua fishing" techniques, we could effective start, capture and profit by this desperately needed innovation. Owning a complete food industry (fishing) for both in-country and export can be extremely lucrative. (see link below)


Proposal for Kidney Patients

There is a severe lack of kidney dialysis machines to serve the escalating incidence of diabetes in the Ethiopian population. We have teamed up with a local Ethiopian effort to establish a chain of kidney dialysis centers throughout the country to combat this life threatening epidemic.


Ethiopian Beef Enhancement Project

Ethiopia ranks as one of the world's major breeding and exporting countries in the world. Because of the inadequate pastoral support system in Ethiopia, especially for adequate livestock feed for the cattle, the taste is very bland compared to the livestock exported from other countries like Brazil. These other countries enjoy far greater prices for their beef than Ethiopia.

I have a client in Ethiopia named Assefa Aderis, a noted US-educated scientist and economist who has been researching the enhancement of Ethiopian cattle through better diets and cross breeding. His plan to create a much better tasting and more robust cattle in Ethiopia is attached here. This gentleman is my client to raise capital for his venture.

I have also been engaged by a Texas cattle rancher that owns a patent that produces the world's finest tasting beef. I am raising capital for some of the other interests of this Texan and he has agreed to allow me to join forces with him in financing the cattle project by taking his advanced breeding stock combined with his financial resources.