Club Entrepreneur moved into new headquarters (our 3rd) at 300 W Osborn in Downtown Phoenix. Our CEO (Club E Office) has been established in N. Phoenix and then in Tempe but our landlords, victims to the economic times, had lost each facility to bankruptcy and we were forced to move. This new facility, with wonderful views of the City of Phoenix and plenty of parking, provides us with multiple private offices (17),conference rooms (3) and an open space capable of housing dozens of drop-ins (instead of the home office and coffee shop "offices") and hosting events of up to 300 attendees.

Our 8,000' (soon to be 10,000') of space is filled with aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs and I hold my daily one-on-ones (almost 1000 since March) with our membership. Club Entrepreneur and it's various initiatives like Club E Products, Club E Funding and other services is housed at our CEO, along with 17 member businesses and scores of others that come through our doors each day. We host both our own events (Thursday noon Club E Funding workshops, "Fridays at 5," and our 1st Wednesday monthly meeting ta 5:30 PM ) along with many other gatherings. Please see if we can host your event at our CEO by reaching out to us.

Our rates can't be beat and the benefits are extraordinary-where else can you be a part of the most dynamic group of pure blood entrepreneurs in the area? We are just introducing the Club E Marketplace, an array of products and services for our membership. See the link below for my "back story" and what the Club E Marketplace is all about.

Click here to visit Club E Atlanta's site.

If you are interested in a tour of the facility to stake out your own private office or drop-in space, please reach out to us at and we'll show you around.

Best to all,

Peter J. Burns, III