There's No Deal... Until The Check Clears!

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Ever hear that tried and true statement? Well, as a lifelong entrepreneur I can attest how very accurate this is. One may work for weeks or months on a complicated deal and all seems to FINALLY be coming to fruition after the inevitable "bumps in the road" have been successfully traversed and then...........NOTHING! For nearly all of us diehard entrepreneurs the fact remains that all of our hard work at putting deals together simply does not count...if the "check" doesn't clear for us.

Well, I am hear to tell you that..."THE CHECK DID CLEAR!" on a very interesting deal, which portends great things for any one of you seeking significant funding for yourselves and your business...start-up or established alike. Let me explain...

Some of you may have seen a recent article in that shared my recent "assemblage" of various "best practices" and the vertical integration of my unsecured funding business at Burn$ Funding ( See link below:

In the background, I was developing another very powerful "nugget" to add to my already strong roster of services in place (credit repair, credit enhancement, rapid rescoring, income verification and unsecured funding resources- both personal and corporate). This additional and synergistic "nugget" was the acquisition of a shelf corporation, which was seasoned (2-10 year history), credit-worthy (80 Paydex Score) and with everything completely set up as a "plug 'n play" for one's new or existing venture. The "pitch" was that the shelf corp had access to its own funding as long as it was backed up by an individual with good credit (700 FICO and above). That individual would be eligible for multiple unsecured credit lines that could now be added to the corporate credit lines resulting in a much larger amount of funding than any bank would ever lend unsecured to anymore.

Here is a "quick and dirty" synopsis of me "beta test:_

From my Shelf Corp Resource:

Peter see below. We have already transferred your aged corporation for the business pre-approvals. Pls expedite requests below. We can get have you in your first closing by Weds. Pls email me any questions you may have. Thanks!


ONE MAIN $13K APPROVED (Can close in 48 hours!)

PEN FED 15K PRE-APPROVED(pls open an account online with them. Add $50 to open your account so we can overnight your check once its approved. We will need the user name, pw and security questions and answers to process your approval. Follow the link below to open and account online and get a membership.

WELLS FARGO 20K PRE-APPROVED (Need to open an account with them asap. Shouldn't be done online!)

SOFI: 80k PRE-APPROVED! (Pending employment verification)






Fifth Third Bank: 20k Pending

When the first two approvals deposited $35,000 into my account...I had a high-degree of confidence that the remainder of the $200,000 in pre-approvals was forthcoming so...I submitted 8 more shelf corporations plus funding applications....each of which is in the same process mode that I just went through. I actually have 8 more to submit and all I am waiting for is to see my first batch of 8 applications have their own approvals deposited into their own designated bank accounts.

Here's the most amazing thing about this...all reported here is occurring within 10 days of my even learning about the opportunity and all 16 applications have been generated with exactly zero marketing. As a matter of fact, this blog is my first public announcement of what I have added to Burn$ Funding and my intentions now are to spread the word...far and wide and do for others what I have now proven for myself first!

Reach out to me through my site at or directly at and I will help you to get your own big slice of the American pie.

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Posted on April 9, 2019 .