If I had my druthers...I'd recruit an "Army of Interns"​ for my ventures!

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I'm a "tried and true" start-up entrepreneur with 150 business ventures under my belt (www.peterjburns3.com). Over the last 4 decades, I've had hundreds of employees and while sometimes they are even effective...I'd take a whip-smart intern over a "cubicle-dwelling wage slave" any day of the week. The challenge has been in finding these accomplished, eager and dedicated young men and women that enjoy the "Art of the Start-Up" and my rather unorthodox style of hands-off management.

Quite by chance, I stumbled upon a very professionally administered Internship Program at one of the local San Diego-based universities that has since delivered a very talented young intern with a second joining me as soon as tomorrow. There aren't many in the Cohort and up to 75 local businesses vie for these top International Interns (most with Masters and Doctorates) but from what I've experienced so far...I'd take them all, if I could.

See this nice "Reach Out" by the Program Director to her Cohort below:

Internships - Peter Burns

Flanagan, Melinda

Wed, Feb 13, 4:59 PM (5 days ago)

Hi Students,

 Hope you are doing well!

 I just wanted to let you know that Peter Burns still has openings for interns, working at the local Giostar co-working space, located by UTC. He has an assortment of projects related to alternative energy, stem cell research, travel, cosmetics etc… This list of opportunities continues to grow. He will customize the internship projects to meet your internship objectives.

 We currently have one of our students interning with him right now. She just submitted her mid-quarter report and she thoroughly enjoys working with him. She likes being included in the deal-making strategic planning meetings and has learned a lot. According to her – “Peter is very helpful for students who plan to be an entrepreneur. He is willing to teach students how to help develop their new business ideas.” If you are interested in applying, email your resume and cover letter to Peter Burns (copied).  

 Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great evening!

 Kind Regards,

 Mindy Flanagan

Program Manager | Business Programs for International Students

UC San Diego Extension

At any one time, I maintain 6-10 active businesses and realistically launch a new 1 or 2 every few weeks. There is a large and growing list of perfectly viable ideas that are added to my Future Projects TAB on my site, www.peterjburns3.com. What I need besides traditional interns to undertake projects for my existing ventures, are actual Project Managers to oversee and operate the fledgling business ventures that, once ready to launch the prototype, will receive my funding from the resources described below:

Burn$ Funding

So....consider this a reach-out to all those able-bodied and ambitious students wanting actual experience with a "pureblood" entrepreneur who will mentor and guide you in the realm of entrepreneurship like no other. Likewise, all of you "wannapreneurs" out there, cursed by the words of abject failure "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda"....give it a shot and come join me in my "Adventures in Capitalism."

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Posted on February 22, 2019 .