"Our Money Can Be The Gas In Your Tank."​


Does anyone remember the old ESSO (predecessor to EXXON) ad campaign depicted in the picture above? Some of the advertising slogans from days long ago remain firmly entrenched in our consciousness and I thought it was an appropriate symbol for my Blog today...

Below it a recent Post that shares the "quick and dirty" of my messaging:


Below is a Blog I recently did regarding the expansion of capital raising (debt) in the US for the purpose of helping eligible US-based immigrant populations to assist their friends and family in the businesses back home:


Now, I'd like to try and tie it all together in here for those existing businesses, start-ups and "wannapreneurs" out there...

Access to affordable (debt) capital is my forte. As a young entrepreneur (a long, long time ago, lol) I had to "invent" all sorts of ways to fund my business dreams because traditional bank loans and outside equity infusions for my ventures were a mere "pipe dram." As a result, I got pretty darn good at raising money from unconventional resources. Only a couple of years ago an old investment banker friend introduced me to a unique unsecured debt capital resource that I fashioned into the Entrepreneur Credit Card (www.entcreditcard.com/imagine) and through the Forum of Linked In Blogs and Posts, I managed to fund many business ventures for my readers to the tune of millions of dollars.

I expanded that "reach" to assist those whose credit requests were declined (too much existing debt, "bumps" on their credit reports, etc.) by enlisting a credit repair/enhancement service to get these would-be borrowers back "into the game" by cleaning up their credit and even bridging them with short term loans to pay down their credit card balances to acceptable ratios.

I used a couple of debt capital providers to fund those coming to me for money. One was the actual provider who "invented" the capital structure and infrastructure that is the foundation of my Entrepreneur Credit Card (www.entcreditcard.com/imagine). This funder requires "A" credit of 700 FICO scores, so those that are "credit challenged" are out of luck with this provider. Their innovative FinTech product has funded $500 million in the first two years of offering this product.

The second provider specializes in "B," "C," and "D" paper, offering extensive credit repair services and then installment debt options for clients that I refer to them. In their 14 years in business, they have provided $1 Billion in debt capital to thousands of clients and repaired the credit of 35,000 customers.

Recently, I was approached through Linked In with one of the principals of a 2 year-old start-up in the same financing field...with $200 million in business generated already. The 4 principals of this company were young and ambitious and after spending much time chatting with them and testing out their array of products, (several unique and proprietary) I decided to make a significant equity investment in their fledgling company.

As I mentioned, I'm approached every day with requests for capital, joint venture opportunities etc. This has been going on for years and in servicing these requests, I've made a large number of connections in the Consumer Financing vertical and learned many "tricks of the trade." In the past several weeks alone, I have lined up two $100 million in annual lending clients that I can bring to the table of my latest partner-to-be and while I currently do earn my healthy commissions for new business I generate for them...I conjectured that in this case, I really can "have my cake and eat it too" by becoming an equity investor in the parent.

Access to the inner workings of a consumer financing company has also manifested in additional and powerful new opportunities. For instance, I learned of the exceptional profits that can be generated through a "bridge financing" element to pay down client credit card balances to gain approval for fresh capital from the lending resource. It is complicated with all sorts of legal restrictions and the bridge lender must be "fire walled" from the consumer lending company so I am starting my own bridge lending company and offering my services not only to the new consumer lender I intend to join as a principal but I am also offering these bridge ending services to my two large existing credit providers. I'm lining up all the legal "gobbley gook," agreements with my Direct Lender resource for my line of credit and processes of implementation as we speak.

In my search for creating the "perfect storm" of debt capital resources, I've added two more little-known resources for the consumer, which I will also offer: a 48 hour "Rapid Rescoring" option and the "renting" of Primary Trade Lines for the applicant. The "Rapid Rescoring" allows for the credit profiles to reflect the bridge loan paydowns and repair to the consumer's credit to be posted on all 3 Bureaus in only 48 hours instead of the traditional waiting for the next reporting cycle of 30 days or more....which greatly accelerates the funding process. The "renting" of Primary Trade Lines positively accentuates one's credit profile and is done in a totally legal and acceptable methodology.

The end result is that I have cobbled together three very significant offerings (bridge lending, Rapid Rescoring and Primary Trade Lines) with my access to three of the largest consumer credit grantors in the country...managing to create the greatest possible consumer lending platform for the individual and business borrower available. When you couple these combined benefits with the tried and true 4-decade-old entrepreneurial experience that I have under my belt (www.peterjburns3.com)...there truly is no one more qualified to assist any and all borrowers to let me "Put a Tiger in Your Tank."

Simply go to www.entcreditcard.com/imagine, www.entcredit.com or https://apply.fundwise.com/entcredit and let me do my magic for you. :)

For those of you out there that need access to immediate real estate acquisition, refurbishing and "fix 'n flip" capital at short term (12-18 months) at "affordable hard money rates"...one of my lenders has offered me access to $1 Billion in readily available funding for my real estate clients. Reach out directly to me at peter@burnsfunding.com for this financing.

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Posted on February 19, 2019 .