Lead, Follow or Get Out of My Way!

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I get it. I am often not the most diplomatic or "politically correct" person in the room...but compared to our President, I am downright circumspect. lol

However, a series of always present and ever simmering circumstances have caused me to share my thoughts on this Forum tonight. People...you just have to stop being sheep and actually get out there and "Just Do It," like the proverbial Nike ad tells is. Don't be "sheeple," just get out there and take a swing for it. Life is short, it ends for us all...that is the truth. We simply don't know the when it's our time to go. That's also the truth.

So...I say, "Go for it!" I get approached by hopeful borrowers, so-called investment seekers or hoped-for vendors and lots and lots of "wannapreneurs" every single day...sometimes 30-50 every single day. I really don't have time for many and select only a few to correspond with and even less to meet with in person but the fact remains that very, very few of the rare number of people I actually do take the time and effort to connect with and actually dig down and get to know and spend time with....ever actually matriculates into a worthwhile and mutually beneficial situation.

I guess that is simply the "nature of the beast." Some things work and most do not. But I say.."Who cares?" You have to at least try. And if you are dealing with me...you sure as hell better follow through when I have "gifted" you my time. We all have limited time in this life and sharing one's time with another is our most precious "gift" of that asset. Don't waste your own time...and you sure as hell better not waste mine!

I was reminded of two such instances that I will refer to in this blog here and now.

Literally every day, I am beseiged with so-called vendors who ply their services with abandon on Linked In. I could actually use some of these services too but am reluctant to put myself in the mode of being "hard sold." I just don't like it but..if I need something and am willing to buy it, I'm going to actually have to hear about it from the vendor also.

I wanted a legitimate service for SEO work on several projects. I scoured through the so-called offers and gave a bright young man my time, (WAY too much time it turned out) to let him "sell" me. At first, his prices were not even competitive but his skill sets were quite good and he even provided some interim examples of what he could do for my various enterprises. We had many communications together including extensive conference calls and Power Point presentations etc. and I felt that we had come to an open understanding of what it was going to take to work together. After several weeks of this back and forth, the "pedal hit the metal," as they say and we both realized that we simply were not going to be able to make a deal. I get that...it happens. The lesson learned from this "exercise" was that some people, most people in fact...simply cannot get out of their comfort zone and take a chance. No way, no how are they ever going to stray one inch from their "tried and true" methods of doing the "same old, same old" for fear of the unknown and losing. I call "bull...t."

What happened is the young man lost out and I got exactly what we were negotiating for anyway from someone else and at a fraction of the cost...and literally closed that deal 48 hours after he dropped out. The new supplier is going to make a fortune from my business earned, I got exactly what I was after and after having been willing to spend my precious time trying to make it work with the first guy...he is back to his "same old, same old" and unfortunately for him, that's all he is ever going to get or be. "No guts, no glory" for the "sheeple," I say.

Another such example came to fruition only these past few days. I had made the acquaintance of someone from Linked In who also happened to be located in my neck of the woods, so after several communications together we decided to meet for coffee. We hit it off and greatly expanded our initial "scope of work" together by mutual consent. It seemed like a perfect fit and as I am prone to do, I rapidly scaled the relationship by opening up a multitude of doors and opportunities that "no way, no hell" could the fella ever get offered to him by anyone else...ever.

You see, I saw a man who was my age, "comfortably indentured" in a high paying position in a sales of a service that I wanted and could scale for him exponentially... with the added bonus that he was actually a seasoned writer and could help me on a long-awaited writing project of my own. With his apparent "buy-in," yet increasingly trepidatious steps taken, I rapidly paved the way from his "Gerbil Wheel" existence as basically an "indentured servant" with zero upward mobility, (mostly because of his age) and offered him a way out to become self-reliant and financially independent...without even having to leave his existing paycheck by embracing my well-orchestrated "side hack."

Everything was proceeding and I made key introductions and arrangements to proceed. However...he got "cold feet," fell away and disappeared. Rather than getting angry at my wasted time and effort with him, I merely reached into my ever-increasing network of contacts and "anointed" a vibrant and already accomplished 20-year old woman with capital and opportunity and she has already produced the beginning efforts that I sought from the older gentleman that I was giving his shot. He lost and both the young woman and I won.

The point of this story is...you simply have to take a chance when offered an opportunity. If you don't ...you will lose and someone less timid will grab the brass ring and benefit while you wile away with those terrible words of..."woulda, coulda, shoulda."

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Posted on February 19, 2019 .