Peter J. Burns III: "Hired Gun Entrepreneur-In-Residence"​

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In the past 43 years and counting, I've launched 150 businesses and helped start at least that number for others. I've come to the conclusion that what I really am best suited for is acting as a "hired gun" for both well established and start-up ventures. I never actually had a "real job" per se but contract or project work appeals to me and as long as there is a nice "living wage" and a big upside for me, I will consider taking on new clients. 

A recent "assignment" has manifested a "payday" that pretty much sets me up for well as my children, grandchildren and beyond but like the Apex Predator, the Great White Shark that I am...I cannot stop moving forward, or I will drown. lol (see link below)

I had the chance to reflect over the holidays and noted that I likely have well over 40,000 direct personal business contacts including high-level Government ones (Sitting Senators, Former Ambassadors, Governors and even a former Cabinet member or two) as well as leaders in such countries as Vietnam, Ethiopia and even the Royal Family (new contact) of Morocco. My own two younger brothers are at the "top of the food chain" in the Entertainment and Financial industries and through my Harvard B School connections...I either have direct contact or am simply a phone call away to literally almost anyone of consequence in the world of business.

In short, I'm pretty sure that if I take on a client company, I likely have more access to decision makers that can help them than anyone else out there. On top of that, my financing abilities and connections in the world of debt financing are unparalleled and I've been responsible for funding literally hundreds of millions of dollars of (mostly) debt and equity capital. 

So... by dint of this blog, I am noticing my contacts and all readers that I have put out my shingle and am open for (select) business!

Reach out to me at and let's have a conversation. :)

Posted on January 7, 2019 .