Peter J Burns III: “Casting the Net...and Catching Opportunities”


It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and the weather here is so-so, but I'm in Southern California right across from the Pacific Ocean...a "bad" day here is WAY better than most anywhere else.

In looking at last week's Google Calendar, I found myself asking "how did I get through it all?". I account all here:

Exactly a week ago, I met with the 5th of my Lavin Entrepreneurship Center grad students, to discuss funding and assist him with one of his four, already operational, businesses. See my update on the blog below:

That same day, I had a conference call with an east coast-based entrepreneur who discussed with me their promising (and "game changing") dating app. A startup that I am interested in funding, and maybe even becoming a partner of.

After Mass (I am a practicing Roman Catholic) I had a dinner meeting with an old friend, from Phoenix, who I've agreed to help. Him and his partner are planning the launch of their incredible alternative energy manufacturer. Back in 2008, I raised their first $5 million which helped them to get started.

Monday brought an epic meeting between my Country of Vietnam partners (, my Stem Cell Pioneers ( and my friend working in alternative energy. To say that the "brilliance wattage" lit up the room is an understatement!

With lunch came another bright meeting of the minds, which included the Director of Business Development from ModernPostcards and my Vietnamese principals. We convened at a fabulous Vietnamese Cafe and Bakery to discuss our Country of Vietnam project. (See project below)

Late afternoon saw me return to the Giostar ( offices to interview the first (of hopefully many) international interns from the UCSD-Extension University for one of many positions I am offering to skilled undergraduates and graduate students from that Internship Program. (see blog below)

Wednesday brought another flurry on non-stop activity in which one of my dearest friends and the most powerful Small Business Advocate, Sue Malone ( flew in from San Francisco to attend a marathon session with my Team and Modern Postcard's Team to discuss the tremendous Small Business Webinar initiatives using Sue's sterling reputation as the #1 SBA Lender to Small Business in the US. It was such a powerful session and I was honored to be around such incredibly bright and dedicated folks dedicated to Small Business in this country.

Thursday brought me to a very interesting session at a large law firm in the office of their Founding Partner to discuss my invitation to join an international entrepreneurship educational Nonprofit for elementary school and secondary school-aged students seeking to learn the "art and practice of entrepreneurship." They are located in 20 countries and through my own international connections, I may be able to bring them into Ethiopia, Vietnam, Moracco and many other SE Asian countries. Needless to day, this educationally-centric law firm representing dozens of higher education clients (non-proft and for profit) could defintely benefit from my unique charitable fundraising innovation...and we are fast at work figuring out how to play in that space together and rolling that out for the law firm's clients, next. :)

The rest of the day was filled with potential jv and investor calls, a discussion with the founders and my hoped-for partnership in my own $200 million funding company as a principal (instead of my acting as a traditional referral resource) and then, I had a very interesting meeting in the Gaslight District of San Diego meeting the founder of the largest nightlife and entertainment business in the area. That discussion centered around my funding and potential partnership in the "game changing" online dating app that I can roll out in California, starting in San Diego.

Friday started with a call at 6 am to catch my first two SDSU Lavin grads and the owners of, the niche blanket with foot pockets, I am "modeling below." lol

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 2.55.27 PM.png

Next, a very big call regarding a partnership between the best financial services lead generation professionals in the country to hopefully come underneath a contract in the process to provide the digital adverting products offerings as a "white label" service to the 20,000 business clients of our mega- marketing partner. It went well and I think we have the deal coming together which is HUGE for us.

Then, there was an important call between two of my Team and the newest funding resource (and hoped-for partner to be) regarding the process of taking the 300 "turndowns" from my Entrepreneur Credit Card applicants ( their credit and getting them funded when they would re-apply for funding...this time channeled to the new funding partner. Truly a "turning lemons into lemonade" activity...profits being generated from formerly "dead leads" into credit repair clients and then commissionable funding clients. That process begins to manifest as we speak.

Friday, the end to my epic and busy week, concluded with delicious Starbucks hot chocolates and good company, as I met with a brilliant and driven young woman who is currently interning for me. She assists with facilitating and organizing my rather far-flung activities/business ventures and also writes as a 3rd party observer and reviewer of my ventures. This young woman is a phenomenal student at UCSD, majoring in both Political Science and Communications (minoring in Law and Society), and is hell-bent on matriculating to the venerable University of Virginia Law "would-have-been" Alma Mater nearly 40 years ago. She serves as the VP of College Republicans at UCSD and is the Founder and President of the Political Science Science Student Association. It is my intention to work with this exceptional young woman and sift through the members of her clubs and offer internships, business mentorship, and funding for those who have any ideas for start-ups. I expect that great publicity will result from this effort and since she will be the catalyst for everything that will transpire...her own presence will be greatly elevated and hopefully will greatly enhance her chances for admission to UVa. above the standard (yet highly qualified) fare of applicants.

Whew! That was my week last. How did yours fare, fellow entrepreneurs? :)

Posted on January 22, 2019 .