Peter J. Burns III: “Local College Entrepreneurs and Their Saving Grace”

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Most of us at one time or another have had an epiphany, one we assuredly believed could be worth millions of dollars. But factors such as funding, poor credit scores, or minimal business connections inhibited our ability to bring these visions to fruition.

However, despite these challenges, many millennials have still chosen to enroll in entrepreneurial courses at their universities. Schools such as San Diego State University, has sought to alleviate these inhibiting factors and aid the young entrepreneurs in their pursuit of a successful business.

Kevin Popovic, the inaugural director of the ZIP Idea Lab at San Diego State, teaches courses within the Lavin Center for Entrepreneurship, a program within the Fowler College of Business. Popovic intertwines the curriculum with the resources necessary to foster entrepreneurial growth for young entrepreneurs and business alike. But of the resources he, and the Lavin Center, have provided his students, the assistance of “serial-entrepreneur” Peter J Burns III may be the best yet.

Burns, began his career as an entrepreneur at the ripe age of 7 and hasn’t stopped. In that time, Burns has started over 150 businesses, some great successes and others not so much; but regardless of the outcome, all have turned into learning lessons that Burns is using to aid Popovic’s young-entrepreneurs.

Burns’ impressive portfolio of business ventures has amassed much media attention, connections, and of course money. All of which Burns is planning to utilize to assist the brightest of entrepreneurs at San Diego State.

The first of those Burns has taken under his wing, are students Carlos Cortes and Cooper Lopez. Together the two students developed a quirky business idea of a blanket with sewn in pockets for your feet. With the help of Burns, the two students drafted up a business plan and brainstormed a means of execution and are now well on their way to getting the business up and running.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, Burns aids entrepreneurs by offering credit score assistance, funding, a direct connection to those in the industry and 50+ years of experience with startups and business planning. Together Burns and any entrepreneur he mentors, will likely be a success.

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Article by: Jordynne Jarvis

Posted on January 20, 2019 .