Peter J. Burns III: The Ultimate "Connect The Dots" Strategy For Cryptocurrency Mining


I do my best thinking in the morning...courtesy of my first and second cup of coffee. As a "newbie" to the cryptocurrency mining world, I recently established a "Company Store" offering financing for rigs and insurance coverage from a new Captive Insurance Entity (

I've been watching the massively fluctuating pricing of Bitcoin et al, lately.

That fluctuation has caused great consternation in many of the industry lightweights but like in the Cannabis business, I say that the "stay and hold" players will ultimately win. I am also in the "Cannabis Banking" business providing financial services (VISA/MC processing, etc.) for Dispensaries and Growers. ( and not to long ago watched from the sidelines as the industry "puckered" over the seesaw effect from the Cole Amendment being thrown out by Sessions...followed by a tepid reversal by some of the Feds regarding the "legality" of the Cannabis business regulated by the States. I wrote a blog that shared my thoughts about the "run and hide" attitude of the many, while the "smart money" stayed on course. (

In my opinion, the same situation exists today in cryptocurrency as the "weak sisters" get weeded out like they did in the Cannabis Industry. The subject for my blog today is how can one like myself, "Connect the Dots for Profit" in this current environment?

I've been at the "Game of Entrepreneurship" for a long time....42 years and counting. As such, I'm prone to re-engage formerly successful ventures and ideas from the past and reconstitue them for current projects. A good example is my recent Captive Insurance application for the cryptocurrency I pioneered for my first business as a teenager in the moped rental business. (

To that end, today, I am going to assemble a series of former innovations aligned to new ones to try and "solve" the issue of creating a solid financial strategy for the massively fluctuating cryptocurrency world.

It seems that in the world of investing in anything, the ROI (Return on Investment) is the "Holy Grail." To accentuate that ROI, I say, simply reduce the investment exposure. "Free" or little actual cost for that investment will stifle any of the naysayer whiners out there. I think that I have an idea how to make this so...

In my search for locating the cryptocurrency miners that offer the best rigs and software that "mine" select cryptocurrencies, I've found a whole lot of variance on cost of the rigs and services to produce the passive income I seek for placing investments. In addition to the plethora of "cryptocoins," there are different types of rigs as well as the mining software that will ultimately produce the income I seek. At this point, I believe I have determined 3 viable cryptocurrency mining rig manufacturers and operators.

There are costs involved besides the acquisiton of the mining units. These include but are not limited to the hosting and revenue sharing from the mining operators. The variable of energy cost is also a major factor. The passive income can be earned from the "real time" generation of cryptcoins and the "cashing out" of same from the eWallet that captures the generated cryptocoins. The upside, of course, is the expected and hoped-for appreciation of the cryptocoins inventory generated. This is achieved on a "generate and hold" strategy for a portion of the cryptocoins produced.

As I mentioned before, the almighty ROI is determined by the actual investment. If that investment is leveraged in the form of manageable debt or even through another creative resource, that ROI is maximized in a nearly infinite manner. I believe that I have two former "dots" to connect to achieve just this.

First, around 12 years ago, I created an engineering marketing company in the little known IRS-sanctioned Cost Segregation Study vertical. Any eligible commercial property (or even a residential rental property) owned by a US Taxpayer could have a Cost Segregation study performed, yielding tax benefits that can be converted to investment capital. Since the "cost" of producing this investment capital is virtually nothing, the yield of the cryptocurrency mining is virtually exponential. You can learn exactly what I am proposing to generate this investment capital by visiting

Secondly, 18 months ago I launched the "Entrepreneur Credit Card," a powerful and unique FinTech product that can produce significant unsecured debt capital. This debt capital comes with 0% interest for between 12-21 months and is attached to a revolving line of credit of up to $175,000 for qualified applicants. See for the particulars.

Coming "Full Circle" to the premise of this blog, I offer the following:

Using one or both of the debt capital generation strategies proposed, I suggest considering following the passive income* generation offered in my blog below:*

Since the "Investment" is with so little actual cost and the upside, so potentially high...even a small return* is magnified because of the mitigation of the cost of capital.

Learn all about my suggested "Program" on my new start-up's website at


While the digital currency market is no exact science, we make every effort to accurately represent the potential earnings one can obtain. It should be noted that earnings and income from our state-of- the-art optimized “Easy Box” (Artificial intelligence AI)/Rendering/Machine Learning/Data Mining/Crypto-mining) are estimates only and what we believe can be earned. It is not guaranteed that anyone will earn the levels of income stated herewith, and one must accept the risk that the earnings and income may vary per individual.

The results one may acquire can differ based on many variables such as an increases/decreases in the market, number of Easy Boxes, how often the Easy Box is performing its many functions in addition to mining Cryptocurrency, etc. Users have a greater potential to increase their earnings by setting forth additional effort within the Easy.

As with any specialized market, there is no assurance of any past earnings being replicated in the future. In this industry there are risks and we cannot guarantee one’s future results and/or success based on previous outcomes. Of course, there are unknown risks and we cannot foresee which may impact one’s outcomes. We are not responsible for the presence of any risks and one’s actions. 

Involvement in the use of our Easy Box and services shall be based on one’s due diligence. It is agreed that we are not liable for any success or failure of one’s involvement that is directly or indirectly related to our Easy Box and/or services and the different Cryptocurrency markets.***

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Posted on July 18, 2018 .