Peter J. Burns III: Good Morning Vietnam!...& Asia Too!!!


Over lunch today at my new favorite La Jolla spot, Cafe Milano, my Vietnamese friend and business partner discussed the very exciting developments of the rapidly growing new travel company, Travel.VN. Through a series of key introductions and "connecting the dots," I was able to pave the way for my Vietnamese friends to utilize their massive connections in Vietnam and to formulate what poses to become the largest travel enterprise in Asia...starting with the country of Vietnam.

My partners, who literally brought the Internet to Vietnam 23 years ago...have a 50 year exclusive right to manage the Internet...making them the equivalent of "Go Daddy" and Cyber Security for Homeland Security for Vietnam. In addition, they have the exclusive right to offer Online VISAs to Vietnam from 45 countries as well as the invitation to write the protocols for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for the country.

These sweeping privileges make my partners uniquely qualified to champion new innovations for Vietnam..through their exensive and deep-seated Governmental connections. Of course, this presented yet another start-up concept...offering my deal-making services and extensive partnership with my well-connected Vietnamese partners to American Capitalists seeking to break into the Asian markets.

With access to literally every top level Governmental Authority in Vietnam...(even extending to the top decision makers in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar) my partners and I are now able to offer the ability for innovative US Capitalists wishing to bring their proposals for implementation into the Asian markets.

Please see my video below that describes this opportunity:

Vietnam and Asian Gateway

To share exactly how I created and executed the original deal with my Vietnamese Partnership, please watch the video below:

The Biggest Deal I Have Ever Done!

In 2013 I first tried my hand in the international markets when I volunteered to be the Entrepreneur-In-Residence for a large NGO in Ethiopia. (see Now, in 2018...I am expanding upon that initial "International Effort"... this time to the Asian Markets.

Join me? Reach out at with your product or service that you wish to bring to Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia. I just may be able to help. :)


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Posted on July 18, 2018 .