Peter J. Burns III: Cryptocurrency Mining Company Store


So, I've only been introduced to the whole cryptocurrency mining world for 6 weeks now. As I am prone to do...I embraced it 150% as soon as I figured out how to make a profit. Taking my own, already established FinTech tool, the "Entrepreneurs Credit Card" (, I merged that with the desire of Consumers wanting to purchase expensive "mining" machines... so that they could have the chance to generate passive income* plus have the upside of cryptocoin appreciation.* (see link below)

Next, I took my 40 year old "formula" of establishing an Insurance Captive (see link below) and as of yesterday, found a large insurance brokerage firm willing to back my concept of offering a full service insurance package for literally each facet of cryptocurrency mining. This "package," which will be offered by our very own "Captive," will strive to mitigate nearly every perceived risk involved in this exciting new industry...actually becoming, the first such offering of its kind.

The premise of this blog is that by offering the combination of our unique crytocurrency mining financing and now the full coverage insurance to the cryptocurrency mining industry...we have created a kind of "Cryptocurrency Company Store," replicating the proverbial "Company Store" of the Califorina Gold Rush Era. Instead of pickaxes and shovels that supported the Gold Miners of the Gold Rush era...we are providing the "tools" of financing and insurance to the Crypto Miners of today. I think it is a perfect analogy.

Should all you cryptocurrency mining afficinodos be interested in "mining" machine purchase financing and full insurance coverage for your rigs and operation, reach out to me at


While the digital currency market is no exact science, we make every effort to accurately represent the potential earnings one can obtain. It should be noted that earnings and income from our state-of- the-art optimized “Easy Box” (Artificial intelligence AI)/Rendering/Machine Learning/Data Mining/Crypto-mining) are estimates only and what we believe can be earned. It is not guaranteed that anyone will earn the levels of income stated herewith, and one must accept the risk that the earnings and income may vary per individual.

The results one may acquire can differ based on many variables such as an increases/decreases in the market, number of Easy Boxes, how often the Easy Box is performing its many functions in addition to mining Cryptocurrency, etc. Users have a greater potential to increase their earnings by setting forth additional effort within the Easy.

As with any specialized market, there is no assurance of any past earnings being replicated in the future. In this industry there are risks and we cannot guarantee one’s future results and/or success based on previous outcomes. Of course, there are unknown risks and we cannot foresee which may impact one’s outcomes. We are not responsible for the presence of any risks and one’s actions. 

Involvement in the use of our Easy Box and services shall be based on one’s due diligence. It is agreed that we are not liable for any success or failure of one’s involvement that is directly or indirectly related to our Easy Box and/or services and the different Cryptocurrency markets.***

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Posted on July 18, 2018 .