Peter J. Burns III: Calling All Existing & Wannabe Crypto Miners & Investors


Less than 2 weeks ago while having my morning latte at arguably the nicest coffee hangout in La Jolla, I chanced upon a gentleman also enjoying the ambiance of our remarkable 72-degree weather, while sipping his coffee. That first meeting has manifested into a very significant partnership, combining his cryptocurrency mining (3D Rendering, AI and Machine Learning) cleverly engineered into a state-of-the-art unit that can be placed in data centers and soon to be offered to be placed in your own home!

My entrepreneurial expertise has always been in the creation and start-up arena, so when I became "educated" in this learned man's field, it wasn't long until I realized the tremendous opportunity of combining some of my own resources with his. For instance, when I learned that his $5000-$7000 units had no financing element in place, I immediately introduced my own to would-be purchasers. (

By simply combining the possible passive monthly earnings of between $400 and $1000* of each machine placed in his contracted data centers or even their own homes, anyone that could either afford to purchase one or more units or was qualified (700 FICO) to receive my financing of between $25k and $175k could earn an amazing return of completely passive income.*

I immediately went to work finding suitable Consumer Verticals to which to market and found that Millennials, Transitioning Military and Home-based Business aficionados were perfect customer bases...numbering in the millions. I then surmised that the only way to scale and quickly was to create an Affiliate I commenced on making it all happen. Taking a page from Pharmaceutical Sales, I recruited pretty, smart and ambitious young ladies I named "The Crypto Chicks." They are being tutored in the world of crypto and have each received financing commitments of $50,000 from my lending resource, which they will be buying "machines" with to lead by example to their peers. (see link below)

Next, I recruited a soon-to-be-retired US Army Sergeant at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, who contacted me from an earlier blog. He actually mined crypto himself, saw I offered crypto-financing and after a chat and follow up and an exchange of information...he agreed to create a funnel of other transitioning soldiers at Ft. Bragg to offer our unique passive income strategy as they matriculated to civilian life from their Service. This gentleman is actually meeting with a half-dozen prospective "early adopters" in his home tomorrow night to discuss the new Program. He shared that at Fort Bragg alone, between 400-600 soldiers transition each month. If we can perfect our Program there...we can literally scale this across the Globe to all US Military installations.

In my very own home area (La Jolla) which is outside of San Diego, I chanced upon meeting a very pretty and bright young Marine, the only female in her specialized duty station at Miramar. She became very interested in what I was offering to servicemen and women and I introduced her to our "Crypto Chicks" and am pretty certain that she will take up the charge of spearheading our new Program to her fellow Marines by taking our capital and acquiring machines for her own account.

Years ago, I was introduced to an uber-successful Network Marketer that actually achieved $1 Billion in sales. It turns out that my new crypto partner had a 20-year long friend who was the "right arm" of my old contact with the billion dollar enterprise. We spoke at length and due to his decades-old friendship with my crypto partner and the very exciting opportunity we have fashioned together...he is busy with my staff putting together a sweeping Affiliate Program to launch our vision to the world.

The state-of-the-art "machines" are being assembled with the finest components available, the financing is in place for consumers with the "early adopters" being selected and approved ( and we even developed a program for those that want our money but do not qualify (

Literally, 2 weeks after my coffee meeting in the Village of La Jolla...we are launching what promises to be a very significant "play" in the cryptocurrency mining world. We even have our website up (under construction,

And of course...our lawyers insisted on my including the following whenever I discuss our exciting project. lol


While the digital currency market is no exact science, we make every effort to accurately represent the potential earnings one can obtain. It should be noted that earnings and income from our state-of- the-art optimized “Easy Box” (Artificial intelligence AI)/Rendering/Machine Learning/Data Mining/Crypto-mining) are estimates only and what we believe can be earned. It is not guaranteed that anyone will earn the levels of income stated herewith, and one must accept the risk that the earnings and income may vary per individual.

The results one may acquire can differ based on many variables such as an increases/decreases in the market, number of Easy Boxes, how often the Easy Box is performing its many functions in addition to mining Cryptocurrency, etc. Users have a greater potential to increase their earnings by setting forth additional effort within the Easy.

As with any specialized market, there is no assurance of any past earnings being replicated in the future. In this industry there are risks and we cannot guarantee one’s future results and/or success based on previous outcomes. Of course, there are unknown risks and we cannot foresee which may impact one’s outcomes. We are not responsible for the presence of any risks and one’s actions.

Involvement in the use of our Easy Box and services shall be based on one’s due diligence. It is agreed that we are not liable for any success or failure of one’s involvement that is directly or indirectly related to our Easy Box and/or services and the different Cryptocurrency markets.***


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Posted on May 4, 2018 .