Peter J. Burns III: Art As A Revenue-Producing Investment


Recently, I became introduced to a lovely young woman, an honest-to-goodness Princess of Persia. She has spent almost her entire life (from age 5) producing many styles of art and has accumulated over 5,000 works of art....never marketing a single one for sale...yet. A mutual friend introduced her to me and I took on the task of partnering up with her in creating a market for her art, as well as introducing a "pet project" of mine in the field which I will outline here in this blog. This is her new website,

Last week, I memorialized this art project, a first in that field for me, on the blog below:

The "pet project" I refer to came to me years ago, perhaps 20 years now, in which an artist acquaintance started talking to me about the fact that all artists that produce a painting, sculpture and even a photograph, own the rights to those images, even if they sold that particular piece of art. I understood the value of trademarks, copywrites and even patents (I had 4 patent-pendings on past ventures, myself) but never had I really thought about the "rights" of an artist for the image of his or her work of art. I did spend some time speaking to one of my IP lawyers about the concept of "bundling" the "rights" of an art piece and then "monetizing" it by "selling" those rights or even including them as part of the actual piece of art sale. In effect, this would create a potential revenue-earning component (if successfully marketed) of the piece of art acquired. The terms of the "sale" of these "bundled rights" to the image could even be divvied up between the artist and the art purchaser.

I was intrigued and filed these thoughts away until when and if the opportunity to actualize this potentially enormous innovation would occur. that I am ostensibly in the "business of art" with my Princess, perhaps it is time to dust off that 20-year-old idea and put it into play. To that point, I am re-visting all of my notes and former preparation on the "bundled rights" deal for art images and implementing them to the benefit of my Princess and me.

Well...back to "work" on this latest project!

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Posted on April 7, 2018 .