Peter J. Burns III: An Experiment In Capitalism


Every day, I get a couple (and likely more) would-be and even established entrepreneurs looking for start-up or expansion capital. There are additional reach-outs (mostly Linked In) from others who are wanting to explore their ideas with me also. My natural tendency is to help them all. :)

An idea has been forming in the back of my mind on how to create a "system" of taking in and offering new business opportunities, providing access to capital (debt not equity), bringing in seasoned professionals in such fields as.... web design, financial forecasting, business plan writers, graphics artists, supply chain and operational managers. The "blueprint" of setting up a new business with all of these necessary factors put into a "checklist" is adhered to in order to streamline the process.

The key to any successful business is to put someone in charge with a vested interest as well as giving them access to the "key ingredients" to make things happen. It is my belief that 80% of all businesses are the same, with the "unique differentiator" being the industry expert (or experts) brought into the mix.

I like to think that by placing the "would-be" business owner in as the "Project Manager" supported by the professional team that I offer, will give that start-up the best chance of success as well as "hands-on" training for the "wannapreneur."

My goal is to develop a portfolio of new and exciting ventures, placing the "newbie" in as a both a paid contributor and equity-earning participant in the venture I place him or her into. In this way, what I will have achieved is introducing successful new entrepreneurs into the world...expanding the wealth of my partners and my own portfolio.

First, the would-be entrepreneur is introduced to our methodology of repairing and enhancing their credit and when restored to a 700+ FICO score, is pre-qualified for an interest-free credit line from our underwriter. All steps are covered in the newco,

Next, a roster of start-up ideas fleshed out in a simple narrative is offered to the entrepreneur-to-be to determine the interest level and viability for this proposed "match-making." (Examples below)

Next, the steps of putting together the start-up team of experts and assembling the "ingredients" of the new venture follow the blog steps here...

A start-up mentoring program with online and in-person or phone sessions program is installed for each eligible entrepreneur-to-be. This is a program in gestation with one of my colleagues who is partnered with the foremost educator in entrepreneurship in the world with over 80 published books on the subject.

Now, like everything in this world it is not going to be as easy as 1-2-3...I get that. However, since the "mortality" rate of new business start-ups is estimated to be as high 50% (SBA), my goal is to increase the odds dramatically by adhering to the proposed "formula for success" I am proposing in this blog.

One never knows until you try and after all, my motto has always been..."Ready, Fire, Aim."


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Posted on April 7, 2018 .