Peter J. Burns III: Another day...Another Start-Up!



In December 2017, my partner and I launched the Entrepreneur Credit Card and we've loaned millions of dollars to people in search of debt capital at favorable rates and only based on one's good credit score. See the simple video about the Program

In the aftermath of the Last Great Recession (2007-2009) many individuals had their precious credit dinged or destroyed, causing the cost of credit to be too expensive, if even available, to these once credit-worthy individuals. Many people applied for the Entrepreneur Credit Card and because the threshold for obtaining that funding started at a FICO of 700 +, many people were turned down. It dawned on me that there might be a way to convert the "turn downs" into profits...if I could only think of what the solution would be.

Over the years I have witnessed the proliferation of advertisements for services offering to repair your credit. I never understood the exact process but if what these services delivered actually "repaired and restored" one's good credit, that had great value for a consumer. It stood to reason that this process could help our Entrepreneur Credit Card "turn downs" too. An idea started to germinate...and I needed to find the best performing credit repair services. I quickly researched the credit repair industry and chose the best provider.

Next, with the guidance from several FinTech resources, I learned of the unique service of "credit enhancement." In short, one could increase one's FICO score by being added as an "authorized user" to a seasoned and "blemish free" (100% on-time payments) credit card, installment debt or other credit-bureau- reporting debt. It turns out that one could "rent" another's perfect credit instrument (credit card, installment debt, etc.) and benefit their own credit profile by being named an "authorized user" on those accounts. I started to research the best service providers of "credit enhancement."

Now, I had all "three legs of the stool" for my new idea...a vertically integrated system of (1) repairing one's credit, (2) enhancing that "repaired" credit and (3) then loaning the new 700+ FICO scoring consumer unsecured capital up to $175,000 at zero % for 12-21 months. With affiliate agreements in place from the vetted credit repair/enhancement vendors and my own FinTech capital resource... begins today!


Posted on April 4, 2018 .