Peter J. Burns III: Second Bite Of The Apple For Consumers


About a year ago, my partner and I launched the Entrepreneur Credit Card and generated much interest in our combined credit line product offering up to $175,000 in unsecured credit with 0% from 12-21 months. Our Underwriter's State-of-the-Art algorithm, producing a credit decision in 30 seconds (based upon a 121 point analysis of the applicant's 3 combined credit reports) was an industry first. We had a lot of "takers."

Our Fintech product catered to consumers with 700+ FICO scores and we registered many more "Declines" than "Approvals" so we reasoned that there might well be a way to convert many of those "Turn Downs" into "Approvals" if we put together a streamlined plan to make this happen.

Well, we just figured it out and are now offering this new service of repairing one's damaged credit, enhancing one's credit through a unique method and then re-applying for our Entrepreneur Credit Card and getting the unsecured funding you want and need.

The process is simple and to start, you can either apply directly for our Entrepreneurs Credit Card at or go directly to our new service at if you know you are not at a 700+ FICO Score.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain...especially if you want a piece of the "American Dream"....your own business.


Peter J. Burns III is a serial start-up entrepreneur and you can contact him through his website, or email him at

Posted on April 15, 2018 .