Peter J. Burns III: The Serial Expatreprenuer

When wisdom meets indefatigable courage, amazing things happen. A look at the magnificent life of Peter J Burns III would not only exemplify how accurate this statement is but it will also inspire other individuals to emulate his entrepreneurial spirit.

How He Started

Starting as a young 19-year-old freshman at the University of Virginia, Peter J Burns III did something daring and unprecedented. While other freshmen were focused on settling in and familiarizing themselves with the new environment, he focused on looking at areas that would help him. Burns took a 4th-year course as a freshman which required coming up with a business plan and actualizing it. As courageous as he was, he made history by starting his tourist business, renting mopeds; the Nantucket Island for tourists was the first of its kind in the country.

This served as a launching pad for his entrepreneurial career and the story has remained positively inspiring ever since.


What He Does Now

Peter J Burns III currently runs over a 100 business with various offshoots nationally and internationally. The expanse of his international business is so broad that he’s mostly known as an “Expatreprenuer” ( an expatriate entrepreneur). He also contributes his skills as a dean in the Andrew Jackson University and donates to and volunteers with many NGOs helping fledgling entrepreneurs across the globe.


Some of His Initiatives

One of his most notable enterprises is Club Entrepreneur (Club E), which started as a student-inspired group but has now morphed into a full-fledged organization with many subsidiaries, multiple groundwork chapters, and online resource platform for many aspiring and active entrepreneurs.

His most recent business venture is Avia Travel Services, which, among many other things, provides private label, booking engines, and lodging applications for both FIT leisure and group travels spaces.


Furthermore, he owns and co-owns many companies and enterprises that would exhaust this page if they were to be listed. At his LinkedIn page ( Peter J Burns III highlights some of his businesses, achievements, and activities in more detail, which helps many of his connected followers.


Recently, he volunteered for an international charity in Ethiopia for six months, creating unique opportunities and helping other entrepreneurs with their initiatives by spotting loopholes and reducing bottlenecks. This experience was, to say the least, not only illuminating for him but also enhanced his own capabilities and his expertise as an entrepreneur. Peter J Burns III details these experiences, advice, and entrepreneurial ideas on his YouTube channel ( which many find inspiring, helpful, and motivational.


Peter J Burns III is a serial entrepreneur who is not afraid of a challenge. He spends his time running hundreds of successful businesses, helping other entrepreneurs build up their business, and volunteering for good causes.

Burns’ list of accomplishments is immense and has been featured in dozens of magazines and journals. His entire journey is a good lesson to not only aspiring entrepreneurs but anyone who he needs the motivation to go out and achieve amazing things. Find more information about him and possibly connect with him here and other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


Posted on January 19, 2018 .