Peter J. Burns III: The Mentor for Entrepreneurs

Very few people have the acumen to understand their core abilities and put them into practice at a young age. Peter J. Burns III is one amongst the lot who started off young at a mere age of 19 and went on to make it big in different niches of business. His total years of experience spans to 42 years, in the duration of which he formed, owned, ran, sold as well as expanded around 100 to 150 businesses spreading in different fields of business.

Unleashing his hidden talents in different niches

His first ever encounter with "real" business started in Nantucket Island where he began his summer job by importing mopeds from Austria and rented them to the tourists who vacationed in the country. His hard work paid off and within a short period of 10 weeks and earned a handsome amount of $55,000. Later on, Burns went on to expand the business further by setting up a shop at Sanibel Island in Florida carrying on his fleet of selling mopeds now in the season of fall.

No looking back after the initial success

Applying smart work and intellect, Burns soon expanded his business in almost 100 markets including St.Kitts, Boothbay Harbor, Key West and Maui to name a few. Not only this, he also added other rental products in addition to mopeds which included bicycles, jet skills, roller blades. He even added branded Davidson motorcycles and exotic cars in his fleet of rental products.

Expansion the crux of success

After his initial fleet of success in the rental business, there was no looking back for Peter J. Burns III. Having the knack of picking out opportunities, he established profitable start-ups in many different countries. There is almost no niche left untouched by burns and which didn't grow out to become a major success.

When asked about the secret to his success, he states it to be the skill of understanding the pulse of the audience in recognizing opportunities as well as the ability to fund for the enterprise using creative financing techniques. With the motto of sharing his ideas with masses across the globe and leading as a guiding light to growing entrepreneurs, Peter J. Burns III has started off his own YouTube channel.

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Sneak peek into Burns’ other success stories

Other than having garnered success in the stream of rental business, Peter J. Burns III has a plethora of other success stories in his kitty. Enlisted below are few of other businesses in which he has proved his mantle.

•    After the success of the rental business, he, later on, expanded his business into publishing magazine applying the unique concept of Insertazine

•    He was a pioneer in establishing the first entrepreneurial resource centers such as eFactory and Club E Office.

•    He also created the country’s first accredited College of Entrepreneurship at the Grand Canyon University

•    Burns later started with the first email marketing firm

•    He opened up retail clothing store selling men’s apparel in addition to developing and acquiring commercial real estate business

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Posted on January 19, 2018 .