Peter J. Burns III: Mentoring Young Minds

“The quest for success lies in the mind. Determination and tact make one reach great heights” Peter J. Burns III is an example and mentor for many budding entrepreneurs. At a very young age, he realized his true calling and chose the business to be his destination. He never worried about the risks involved in a business. His determination and confidence in oneself were strong enough to move any mountain of hurdles.

He was resolute to make it big in business by following his dreams, craving it according to his ideas. The result – he began his official journey as a businessman at a mere age of 19. He hasworkedindifferent niche businesses. Burns now contemplate being a guiding light for other entrepreneurs. He wishes to render eager minds the knowledge and tools for capitalizing their business dreams.

Create a niche for oneself

Often entrepreneurs concentrate on a specific niche to begin their business. However, Peter J Burns III went on to create his own niche and market for the business. He found ideas everywhere, through the business process. He was never afraid to create a market for himself. Risk never stopped him from achieving his dreams. Whether it was renting mopeds and selling them to tourists at Nantucket Island during his graduation days or selling lemonades at the golf ground, everything yielded success.

After the initial success of his renting business, he took his idea to 100 different countries, everywhere his business was a success.  He went to capitalize his ideas in many other niches including “Insertazine”, a company for publishing magazines. He also went on to create the very first email marketing business.

Expansion of networks is the crux

Burns studied the business market well. He soon recognized the importance of networking in any business. For this, he created the Club Entrepreneur, through which he is able to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. He also understood the significance of yielding ideas in young minds, who will go on to become successful entrepreneurs. Furthermore, he also invested in the Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University. Herein he was able with connect to young entrepreneurs by providing them opportunities to establish themselves.

Connecting with young minds through virtual media

It is his pursuit to assist other young business owners aiding them in capitalizing and expanding their ideas. Peter J. Burns III set up his YouTube Channel, where he provides suggestions through his videos. Also, one can connect to him on his LinkedIn profile, wherein he keeps posting opportunities for masses to try their luck at

Latest Ventures and ideas for business

Irrespective of his immense success as a businessman and recognition as a mentor for entrepreneurs, the fire of achieving more is still burning. Putting up 42 years in this field, he is all ready to explore newer opportunities.

Peter J. Burns III currently has established his own luxury consulting business. The aim of the business is to meet the needs of people who are in look out for luxury homes and villas for vacationing. Burns believes in never giving up his dreams and stopping himself. This fire of his curiosity to explore opportunities has helped him taste success in whichever niche he ventures into.


Posted on January 19, 2018 .