Peter J. Burns III: An Energetic Entrepreneur

Peter J. Burns III is a man who understood what he wants to be at a very young age. Somebody who dared to embrace risk. Exploring different niches, Burns created a name for oneself in the field of business. He changed the definition of success, that nothing is impossible for a heart which is stubborn to taste success. Let's know in brief about Burns who made it big in the field of business at a young age of 19 and his 42 years of the journey so far.

Who is Peter Burns III?

Peter J. Burns III is a teacher for young minds, a serial start-up entrepreneur and a family man. His roots lie in New England. He spent his growing years in New Canaan, Connecticut. Later on, he went to Nantucket Island, where his first encounter with business took place.

He is a student of Harvard Business school and UVA where he studied for a short time. The fire in him to change ideas into capital made him explore different niches of business. He never feared to create his own marketplace amongst the contemporaries and yield success in every venture. Apart from his acumen in business, Burns also served the US army as an infantry soldier during the Vietnam war.

The beginning of a new change

Burns’ success story is an example of the power determination and die-hard attitude can yield one. The US Military Academy appointed Burns to attend the West Point Prep. Herein he won the 4-year Army ROTC scholarship whereby he went on to study at the University of Virginia.

This is where success caught the hands of Peter J. Burns III to never leave it. In the 4th year of the college, Burns took up “Entrepreneurship” as his subject. His business plan comprised importing of mopeds and renting them to tourists. He transformed his idea into real during the summer vacation in Nantucket Island and earned $55,000 in 10 weeks.

There was no looking back later

He took his idea to different countries, in each place it was a success. Peter J Burns III, later on, went on to establish multiple businesses in different niches. He created his first email marketing venture as well invested in many international travel ventures. His expertise in business and the zeal to enliven the spirit in other entrepreneurs made him a known name across the globe.

Peter J. Burns III also founded the first accredited College of Entrepreneurship at the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. He also went on to establish Insertazine a magazine publishing company and later on an International Travel Venture called Avia Travel Services.

Achievements and future ventures

Burnsfounded the Club Entrepreneur an organization for aiding young businessmen. He occasionally holds workshops, professional consultations, and opportunities for collaboration through this medium. He has currently taken up Luxury Consulting Business providing villas and houses for tourists. He soon contemplates adding Boats and Luxury planes too.

Seeding Hopes in Young minds of entrepreneurs

The achievements of Peter J. Burns III can run into pages. He has started off with his YouTube Page at,where he keeps updating on tricks and tips for business. You can know more about him by visiting his LinkedIn Page at get updates about his recent works.


Posted on January 19, 2018 .