Peter J. Burns III: An Insight into the Life of Successful Entrepreneur

A young entrepreneur who at a mere age of 19 went on to establish businesses in different niches, Peter J. Burns III is an ideal and mentor for many young entrepreneurs who wish to establish themselves in the world of enterprise. He describes himself as a serial startup entrepreneur who specializes in operating businesses pertaining to diverse niche market across different countries.

Peter Burns’ Success story in Africa

With a business history spanning for over 42 years, he has earned success in multiple fields of business which he acquired, sold and operated in different countries. Stating an example from his long list of success stories, his quest in the country of Africa is a notable one. In 2013, Peter J. Burns III joined an NGO in Africa as the organization’s Resident Entrepreneur.

During his long stay in the country, Burns through his intellectual and creative innovations went on to recommend different ways of generating beneficiaries to the NGO. But this was not his only achievement, Peter J. Burns III later went on to discover and grab newer opportunities in working as a private businessman in the Dark Continent by understanding the process of business. He established more than a dozen of new enterprises in the African content by generating joint ventures with African partners and creating a liaison between the government and US Embassy to build business connections between the two countries.

The beginning journey towards success

Peter J. Burns III first started off by importing mopeds from Austria and rented them to tourists who visited the Nantucket Island in the country. His initial encounter with business was a major hit which earned him a handsome profit of $55,000. This money he later on invested in buying more mopeds, along with including bicycles, roller blades, exotic cars, etc. to mention a few in his renting fleet. From there he went on to expand his business in different areas including magazine publications, commercial real estate as well as setting up a resource center for entrepreneurs

His latest ventures and ideasfor expansion

Burns have proven his mantle as a successful entrepreneur who has the knack to generate business in different fields with ease. Having proven his ability in the field of retail, marketing and publishing house, the next stop in his quest is that of lifestyle consulting business.

In the year 2016, he returned back to his homeland and settled in North-East. His latest venture is that of luxury business. The venture at present includes luxury homes and villas for vacation and he soon contemplates to add on jets and yachts to expand the business further. The total value of the villas runs up to 974 million dollars.

Online presence to expand his ideas

Peter J. Burns III through his YouTube videos and LinkedIn profile has been aiding many blooming businesses and start-ups in achieving their dream. Follow learn about the different ideas for expanding business and connect with the start-up giant. The achievements and stories of this successful entrepreneurhave been featured in various magazines, articles on newspaper, who have covered his success stories. He has also been covered by different radio and television clips like CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News and the Phoenix Business Journal.

Posted on January 19, 2018 .