Peter J. Burns III: Trading Linked-In Cash-Paying Contacts For Your Product & Service

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I have thousands of Linked-In contacts and like most of us, I'm approached daily with offers of products and services from some of those contacts. Also like most of us, I never actively communicate back to them, let alone actually do business with those looking for my business. This morning, it dawned on me that this is short-sighted and there is mutual-profit potential between virtually every one of our Linked-in contacts. It is simply a matter of looking at things from a different perspective.

In order for each of us to succeed in business, we must sell our product or service to customers that pay us more than it costs to make and sell or product or service. Pretty simple, right? Well, the challenge has always been and will always be...finding new customers who will pay us.

I'm a start-up entrepreneur with any number of new ventures in play at any one time...all of which require cash-paying customers. Therefore, marketing services that produce results are key to each business in order to succeed. To pay for these varied marketing services, I must allocate resources (cash) to those service providers to prepare marketing campaigns with emails, SEO, list creation, FaceBook ads, text messaging, affiliate marketing and a myriad of other verticals to develop leads that ultimately end up with sales. Each day, I am approached with perfectly valid offers to provide such services...but usually my resources don't allow for but a handful of "trial and error" beta tests of these offerings.

The eternal question I have and I'm sure that you all do to is..."How can I afford to market in a meaningful fashion to generate more sales?" Well, perhaps I have a solution for like-minded entrepreneurs...."BUY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FROM THOSE VETTED VENDORS THAT DELIVER YOU CASH-PAYING CLIENTS."

What does this mean? Take a handful of my own start-up services for example: little known engineering function to recapture hereunto unknown tax benefits for all eligible commercial property owners that are profitable, paying individuals or companies (LLC, Sub-Chapter S). Only 5% of those eligible commercial property owners take advantage of this 20 year old Tax Code Statute and my company makes its money from shared fees with select Cost Segregation Engineers that I bring business to. Bring me a client in which I make a profit and I will purchase the equivalent products or services from you that I need. Quid pro quo. first and only 30% discounted luxury villa rental business with nearly 1000 spectacular properties around the world needs a steady flow of new clients. These are unpublished prices only available to our "Closed User Group." Due to the unique methodology of acquiring blocks of these villas' unused time, even after discounting 30%, this company receives a healthy net. Send me luxury travelers that rent our villas and I will buy your goods for the equivalent net. the best available source of up to $100k in unsecured capital for start-ups and expanding businesses. A very good description is on the link here: For each Entrepreneurs Credit Card issued, the underwriter pays us a healthy commission. Everyone needs money, our offering approves you for a range of credit in only 30 seconds. Send me clients and I will buy your own products or services for what I earn.

So that's it...I'm going to try this with the next acceptable service providers that approach me for my business.

Quid Pro Quo!

Posted on March 22, 2018 .