Peter J. Burns III: Sometimes...I Just Can't Help Myself

somtimes i just cant help myself.jpeg

All of us have our strengths and weaknesses. Often, the two are so intertwined in one's personality that one must occasionally step back and simply take a "chill pill." Today, I found myself in the unenviable position of having my natural enthusiasm and passion of all things entrepreneurial, both challenged and impeded by others...whose natural timidity, self-interest and yes, what I consider to be a rather narrow view of life's opportunities - simply will never match my own "take no prisoners" mantra.

When I have an idea and my natural God-given abilities tell me that I am absolutely, unequivocally dead on correct...I can become a caricature of the not-so-pleasant picture on my blog of the pit bull in action. This works both for and against my favor and has so continually in my six decades of life on Earth...most notably during my over four decades of entrepreneurial fervor. In the positive sense...I get the deal done, maybe not terribly pretty and buttoned up with a little bow on top but...I get deals done. On the other hand...I can literally scare mere mortals and opportunities away, buttoned up "suits" like bankers and lawyers hurl themselves out of windows and erstwhile wannabe entrepreneurs simply cower in the corner and go back to their "Sheeple" cubicles and unrealized dreams.

To say that I am frustrated when I do not get the action and response when I want and need it from others... is surely a gross understatement and has proven to become both an impediment and bone of contention for more than a few incidences in my life. However, it is now my hope to be able simply back off when things are not rolling my way and let things manifest as they should and in the timing that becomes necessary when trying to "play nice with others." driven as I am and as sure as I can be that my way is the right way and the only way to get things moving on the myriad of new projects that literally manifest in my world every day...I am going to sip my latte by the fire pit of my favorite place in my newly adopted Southern California oasis and relax.

There will always be other business ventures and opportunities. However, there is actually only one life on this Earth for all of us and I, for one, am going to try and embrace least for today. :)

Posted on March 22, 2018 .