Peter J. Burns III: Quickest Path To Start-Up Funding Available To Entrepreneurs...Ever Offered

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Funding range up to $100,000

No interest the first 6 to 12 months or more

Charged interest only on the amount you draw down

Pay back principal only 2% per month – 4 years to pay back loan 

Unsecured with no liens on any assets 

No collateral, financials, no tax returns, or income documentation

No business age requirements

No term or prepayment penalties

No restrictions on use of funds 

No Income verification

No application or upfront fees

No location requirements 

Will not hurt your personal credit

Easy to qualify 

Can be used for pre-revenue startup businesses 

Approvals often in less than 60 seconds, funding 1-2 weeks

Available to payback and draw down again for however long you want

Revolving Credit – Every dollar you pay back in principal available for immediate use again

Credit limit can increase as your credit improves

Establish relationships with multiple banks

Builds business credit 

You can use a substitute credit partner

Interest rates usually lower then personal credit cards 

Interest is deductible as a business expense 

Works for churches and non-profits

Start-Ups do not have to give away equity to get financing

Have your own business credit card up to five times the limit of other cards


Exact Steps to obtaining your Unsecured Line of Credit. 

We first do a quick analysis of your credit to see how much credit you would qualify for under our funding program. 

Keep in mind, we have many ways to improve your credit to increase your Line of Credit.

Since you will be ordering your own credit report, this process will not hurt your credit in any way. 

The only cost to you is $1.00 to order your credit scores, so have a credit card available. 

Once you have your credit card, go to:

Fill out all the requested information.

Don’t worry about the credit card offer on the screen, that will be explained later in the process. 

Click to send in your application. 

Most of the time, the computer will then ask you some security questions to make sure you are who you say you are. 

After answering those questions wait a few minutes as the computer processes your application.

You should now see the results which will show you a range of credit you can receive under our program. 

In your email box is an email with the subject: Entrepreneur Capital Corporation. Open the email and you will find 3 attachments showing you the details of the offer: 

Pre-Approval Letter

Condition Letter

Funding Options

Within 24 hours you will be called by one of our underwriters to discuss the offer, answer your questions, and explain steps to funding. 

You can call me at any time in the process to answer any questions you may have. I will also receive a copy of the email you received.  

Bruce Blechman, CEO

Entrepreneur Capital Corporation


Posted on March 22, 2018 .