Peter J. Burns III: Polly Wants A Vacation...(see the last request for a quote)

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In the realm of the absurd if not actually lucrative commerce...I share here in this blog ...actual requests made in our 3 week-old history of the luxury pet transport services of my latest co-venture, Pet Jets (

I'm a diehard entrepreneur and have started or co-founded niche businesses in literally scores of fields but transporting pets by private jets takes the cake. However, with the statistics now starting to be measurable one cannot argue with this:

20 qualified leads = in 1 booking

1 booking = $50k gross

Net per booking = $2500-$5000

Estimated 1st year's gross = $12,500,000 (1 booking x 5 days per work week)

Estimated 1st year's net = $625,000 - $1,250,000

We have assembled a small but very effective trio of operators of this interesting venture, complete with outsourced jet aviation providers, of course. The visionary behind this interesting business is a 35 year aviation industry expert with all of the connections to safely transport the pampered pets of the "one percenters." The next vital component of the trio is the seasoned lead generation and web expert who assembles and implements the various strategies of reaching potential clients for our unique service. Finally, there's the "deal guy," yours truly...who recognizes opportunity and puts things together very quickly and hopefully very profitably.

Please have a look at the some of the requests that our "back office" is preparing quotes for and our team is busy closing...

                                 Examples of Pending Business

Message: I need a quote for traveling from Houston TX to Bogotá, >> Colombia. I am traveling with an English bulldog. >> Thanks

Message: HI, I need to fly from Houston to Ohio during Christmas and trying to figure out a way to bring my English Bulldog rather than drive. Wanted to find out what my options are with your services.

Message: I would be looking for a price quote for my English Bulldog to fly from Dallas, TX to San Diego, CA (round trip). Tentative dates are 12/16/16 to 12/30/16. The best way to reach me is by email. Thank you!

Message: I have a one year old English Bulldog and I want to take him to Hawaii (Honolulu) from Denver on December or January. Please give me a quote for the cost. And is there any health concerns since he is a short nose breed?

Message: We have 2 English Bulldogs that we would like to fly fro Honolulu, Hi, to either Denver, CO or Los Angeles, CA. Timeframe is flexible, sometime in November 2016.  I would like a quote for each location and decide from there. Please call me with any questions.

Message: I am looking for an option to fly with my dog (large mixed breed (132 lb, certified therapy dog ), and Maine Coon cat 13 lb from St.Petersburg in Russia to Split in Croatia in December 2016. We are flexible in deciding on the exact dates. Please advise if we can fly with your service and what will be the approximate costs. The dog may have to travel regularly in Europe afterwards for business reasons. Thank you for letting us know how we can organize this together!  Anna.

Message: I need transportation to an English bulldog from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil to Vancouver / Canada.

Message: Looking to fly my 32 lb puggle and myself from Sacramento, Ca to Boston, MA.  Looking for cost.

Message: Hello, I would like to get a quote but interested only in flying my pet. Is it possible to just arrange a flight for the dog without the owners? Are the prices a little more favorable? 

***Message: Greetings. We request a quote two people from NY to St. Martin traveling with our two parrots.

Posted on March 22, 2018 .