Peter J. Burns III: Monetizing Your Own "Closed User Group"​

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In the world of entrepreneurship, one is only limited by one's imagination. As I often point out, I am a "serial start-up entrepreneur" but as an actual operator...not-so-much. What I love to do and am actually pretty good at, is envisioning "for profit" opportunities and connecting-the-dots to make things happen.

One of my current ventures, in a unique vertical of of luxury vacation villas, is on the cusp of some pretty high velocity growth...thanks in part to the rapidly heating up of roll ups in the vacation rental space. In the past week alone we've all read the headlines of AirBNB acquiring the largest luxury vacation rental operator, luxury retreats and just today, I learned of Travel Keys' acquisition by Accor Hotels.

As part of our own luxury villa company's growth strategy, we've partnered up with a large travel aggregator with over 600,000 hotels around the world in inventory. We are currently loading our nearly 1000 multi-million dollar vacation properties into the mix...becoming an exclusive offering to our Marketing Partner's millions of travelers that book over $1.5 billion in annual travel. It is our intention to be able to offer our travel feed, boasting everyday discounts of 20%-50% off the best Internet rates for all of these properties...including our spectacular villas to assorted "closed user groups."

For our purposes, a "closed user group" is an affiliate network of "members" that all belong to a common company or group. Often the Company or Group offers special benefits to their membership...which our Marketing Partner (travel aggregator) currently offers to the employees of over 1000 corporations, as a Human Resources benefit. We now seek our own groups, which can be much smaller than the 100,000 minimum membership required to participate in our Marketing Partner's network. Each smaller "closed user group" that we bring in can fit under our own relationship with our travel aggregator partnership agreement.

The thought process of bringing in numbers of our own "closed user groups" offering this extraordinary travel benefit that is passed on to their own membership, stimulated me to think of another rather interesting extension to this... Taking one's list of Linked-In "contacts," doesn't each and every one of us actually have our very own "closed user group" of sorts?

If so, this can open each of us with our own collection of thousands of Linked-In contacts... some pretty interesting opportunities of our own. To wit: what business owner wouldn't want to reap the benefit of traveling for 20%-50% less than they could achieve on their own and why not offer this benefit to their own employees? While at this time we can offer this travel benefit for free to our contacts, there will be a time in the not-so-distant-future, that a "for profit" incentive may be offered to our "partners." If interested in discussing how we may be able to benefit you, your company and your contacts' companies...simply drop me a line at and we will speak to this.

Yet another opportunity to offer to my own network of thousands of Linked-In contacts and then expand through those contact's own Linked-In networks is the offer of another start-up I just came up with these past couple of months...the Entrepreneurs Credit Card. which of us intrepid business owners couldn't use up to $100,000 in working capital...all from just accessing the link In this particular instance, literally every one of my several thousand contacts is both eligible themselves for the $100k line of credit (6 months interest free) and there actually is a for profit incentive for successful referrals for the Card product. If either you or any of your contacts need unsecured working capital by clicking a link and in 30 seconds learning if you're approved and for how much ($25k-$100k)...reach out to me at and we can chat.

So...that's only a couple of ways how I can "monetize" my own Linked in contacts with two of my own start-ups. How might you creatively "monetize" your own networks?

Food for thought...and profit!

Posted on March 22, 2018 .