Peter J. Burns III: Declaration Of A Simple Patriot...

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I just attended weekly Mass and feel compelled to share what I felt come over me during the Service. I am a practicing Roman Catholic and diehard Conservative Republican. While I am agnostic publically on the political landscape...I simply must share my personal thoughts of the Presidential Election in two days hence...

The Burns Clan, emigrated from Scotland 6 generations ago to America. These Shores have been good to us and we have tried to return the favor in part by serving in the United States Military - Peter I served in the US Army during WWI, Peter II was a Navy man who fought with the Marines on the shores of Iwo Jima and I served in the Army during the Viet Nam era, thankfully not being sent to fight overseas.

We grew families and prospered as entrepreneurs, capitalists and even corporate leaders. My family and its members owe a great debt to America and I would be doing Her a terrible disservice if I did not stand up and express my views before the a scant 48 hours (or less) away.

I attended the venerable University of Virginia, courtesy of the U.S. Army and had the good fortune to have met several progeny of Supreme Court Justices and even one of the Bush sons, who attended UVa. with me. I was especially honored to have met the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in person several times, through his daughter, who shared a close friendship with me. As such, I understand from personal contact, more than most, how unbelievably powerful our Judicial Branch of Government is and how much is at stake in this election.

The next President of the United States will likely put their "stamp" on two or more Supreme Court Justices appointments. These newly installed Justices will interpret and make the law for perhaps the next 30 or more years. Trump-inspired Justices will install a Conservative block and may (we Catholics pray) reverse the devil-inspired "Roe vs Wade" ruling. A Clinton installation of "limousine liberal" Justices will mean a left wing law enforcing body for decades whose ramifications will further erode the fabric of the United States of America.

On that merit alone...everyone who favors a strong and fair Judiciary will elect Trump as President.

My next revelation concerns the further deterioration of America as a continuation of perhaps the greatest example of downward spiraling socialism this country has ever faced with Obama. Is anyone actually doing better than and are happier about America's place in the world after 8 years of unadulterated confusion and a complete lack of leadership? I mean are we really ready for another 4 years of continuing travesties like Obama Care and the derelict treatment of our Veterans and disrespect for our once might Military?

Where is our National Pride of being Americans? What happened to our rightful place as the "Leader of The Free World?" The answer is that we lost it with Obama and will continue to lose more of our influence and justified power around the world with a Clinton Presidency.

To gain America's pride and place...only a Trump Presidency make it so.

Now, let's chat about that tried and true (until Obama) saying that "The Business of America is Business." Who exemplifies that more than a successful business titan like Trump? Who exemplifies better than Trump the polar opposite of Clinton's  "giving it away," selling favors for money to foreign dignitaries and  never earning an honest dollar in her life, (yet is reputed to be worth tens of millions of dollars) than Clinton? You want a strong economy where entrepreneurship and ingenuity are rewarded and rightly so...or a failing economy that limps ever downward, trying to support outdated and ineffectual social programs that discourage achievement and reward the complacent?

Citizens, Voters, Americans..."You cannot give unless you make." That's the simple truth. Printing more worthless currency for supporting yet more social programs with little or no accountability is just wrong...and dangerous. The time has come. The moment is here. Put a real businessman in charge of the biggest business in the world...America.

On that point alone, only a Trump Presidency makes any sense at all.

Finally, who ever said that the Anti-Christ had to be a man? I say this only partly in jest because quite frankly, if any Republican seeking office was charged with, let alone being guilty of any of the dozen criminally negligent deeds that Clinton certainly is...they neverwould have made it far in this or any other election. What gives, America? The woman is a criminal...spanning a career decades long of corruption with hubby "Bubba Bill."  Her "crimes" are all but ignored by the whitewashing liberal media over and over.

Yet...the alleged "mortal sin" of the man, Donald Trump, of what are certainly poor moral choices made and very questionable public behavior displayed...nearly derailed the hard fought win over 19, count 'em, seasoned political figures in the conventional Republican line up. How does one explain that logically? The answer is...the Republicans needed to be shaken up and NOT accept the status quo of mediocrity. We needed a winner, a leader...we needed Trump. The Republican Party snubbed the man that beat their so-called "super stars," fair and square and dammit...they all should step up to the Polls two days from now, put aside their petty jealousies and chest thumping sanctimonious whining and elect Trump as Commander-In-Chief, instead of that devious, cold, husk of a person, Clinton. 

True "Hilary Disciples" are never going to change but you fence-sitting Democrats and so-called Liberals who have reason to question in your hearts why there is a seemingly unending barrage of likely criminal charges being brought against their candidate... better wake up. The temperature of this country is so charged up now that if Clinton does squeak through...fully 50% of the country hates her so much that I predict her impeachment will begin immediately and her Administration will be stonewalled every step of the way from Republican officeholders who truly believe that Clinton is evil and should never be in office. I also believe that the oft chanted saying of "Lock her up" may well come to pass and I, for one, welcome that outcome.

God bless America because on Tuesday, this country may well be at war...with itself, if Trump is not rightfully elected as the next President of the United States.

Posted on March 22, 2018 .