Peter J. Burns III: Cross-Marketing For Two Of Our Own Start-Ups...

cross marketing.jpeg

Two years in beta testing allows us now to do a "reach out" to luxury travelers who want to travel the world staying in any of 600,000 hotels and our nearly 1000 multi-million dollar villas for 20%-50% off the best Internet Rate...every day.

You may access our feed at with your own access code through me: PeterVIP. Check it out...the savings are very big and very real.

The second start-up, just out of Beta Testing has generated $1.5 million in approved Entrepreneurs Credit Cards and yielded $75k in gross profits to us. I want to scale this unique and timely product and you can see the latest info on the link below:

My Plan for Cross-Marketing between these two services goes something like this....

Apply for our Entrepreneurs Credit Card to see how much you are eligible to be funded in 30 seconds. Receive free access to our hotel and villa feed with 20%-50% off the best rates on the Net for simply applying on our link below:

Any thoughts, advice and any ideas to help me with this concept, Marketing Geniuses out there?

From one entrepreneur to others...thank you!

Posted on March 22, 2018 .