Peter J. Burns III: Being An Entrepreneur Is All About Being Creative...

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As I did before, by coming up with unique uses for a little known engineering process, which returns hundreds of thousands of dollars in hereunto unknown tax benefits to commercial property owners ( I am now doing the same for our unique start-up funding resource of the Entrepreneurs Credit Card Program.

Specifically, I am coming up with ways to use this new capital resource for anyone with a start-up idea or existing business such as:

If you are an attorney or other professional service provider with can offer our financing to your clients to pay off their bill to you by simply referring them to our Program. We suggest you offer a small discount to your client for paying off their balance by using our 0% (6 months) funding Program. One lawyer I know has $1 mm in Receivables. If only a fraction of his clients took our offer, what would that newly generated cash flow mean to his firm?

As a Consultant or other professional who offers much needed services to the entrepreneur, it is often a challenge securing the initial engagement fees. By offering your client our funding option, you get your required fees and the entrepreneur doesn't disrupt their business's cash flow to pay you by tapping into our funding resource. Our completely online process with instant approval and funding within a couple of weeks, streamlines this effort.

Vendor financing is an entire market that can really use our funding product. How many proposals have you web designers, marketers, lead generation experts and other service providers prepared for clients that simply did not have the available resources to engage your services? You know the answer...only 1 in 20 proposals you put out (my guesstimate) secure a paying customer out the gate. Our funding will radically change that score for you vendors.

Think about it...there are countless ways that our funding product can help both you as the business owner and your clients to pay for your services. We entrepreneurs have to be creative and our new funding tool allows you to be so.

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Posted on March 22, 2018 .