Peter J. Burns III: Are You A "Wannapreneur," Or A Start-Up Entrepreneur?

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I have been living in La Jolla now for 6 months, while remaining domiciled in the Hamptons (NY). I arrived here to negotiate a sweeping new partnership with a half a billion dollar provider of airline ticketing (4th largest in the world) for our luxury villa start-up (, headquartered back East. I decided to stay...and am so happy I did.

History has a way of repeating itself and contrary to common thought, that repetition may well be fortuitous. In 2006, I had the honor of teaching my own brand of entrepreneurship at ASU's Barrett Honors College, as an Adjunct Faculty Member. The success of my foray into Higher Education could not be more well demonstrated than from the letter of recommendation that I received from the Dean:

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Ten years later, now "working" from my favorite bistro a la coffee enclave, I have re-purposed my "Ready, Fire, Aim" classroom experience into a "Start-up Business Machine." An update from the blog I wrote only 5 days ago, clearly shows that my idea merits attention...there are now 15 start-up entrepreneurs who will receiving $1.5 million in committed, unsecured start-up funding and my Team of seasoned service providers are busy executing on business plans, collateral material, web designs, accounting systems, legal documentation et al for one innovative niche start-up after another. I will be everyone's partner and mentor. See blog below:

They say that if you do work at something you truly love... the money will follow. Well, from personal experience of over 40 years, I have found this to thankfully be quite true. I so enjoy thinking up new business ideas and helping people to help themselves. You know the old saying..."Teach a man to fish..." well, I teach people to be self-empowered with entrepreneurship and in this latest endeavor, I am their partner too.

Like all good business people, I have a quantified and tangible goal for this new "adVenture." Two days ago, I met with my newly installed Financial Planner. In July, my former wife and I welcome our 7th little grand baby into the world and all will be under the age of 3 (a set of twins for each daughter plus 3). In about 15 years, the next generation of my prolific Clan will be attending University. I was at the Financial Planner to establish a Trust, Annuity and Whole Life Insurance Policy that will pay for each of my grand child's undergraduate and graduate educations.

To fund this 15 year Plan of Action...I am going to use my Partnership profits from each of the new start-ups that I create, fund and partner with the fledgling entrepreneurs now circling around my unique offering. I cannot think of a more fun, noble and fulfilling way to spend the remaining decades (hopefully) of this lifetime. :)

Posted on March 22, 2018 .