Peter J. Burns III: "Would You Like A Villa With Your Jet?"

would you like....jpeg

Think of the old inquiry "Would you like fries with your cheeseburger?" immortalized by McDonald's workers around the world. Now..expand that thought process to combining synergistic products, especially luxury ones and you have the gist of brand/product cross-marketing.

 Creating awareness, interest and subsequently sales is the formula for success in any business. When one has a new product or service, "piggybacking" marketing ideas or better yet customer lists of a complementary (non-competitive) product for mutual benefit is very powerful.

We are in the luxury vacation villa marketing industry Our inventory partners provide access to over 5,000 multi-million dollar villas around the world. Our uber-unique villa time acquisition program ( gives us price points unmatched by literally any other villa provider for our well-heeled luxury travelers.

My function in our company is to create strategic alliances and strategies to bring our product into the marketplace. To that end, I have approached and been well-received by product or service providers in multiple fields like: Affiliate Marketing Luxury Travel Programs, niche market travel groups, jet charter companies, the world's largest outsourced concierge firm and the country's largest small business lender among others. Within the next several weeks, our luxury villa marketing efforts will be received by literally hundreds of thousands of qualified potential clients of these cross-marketing partners...all on a shared revenue basis.

In many cases, these existing customer lists are stagnant...that is non revenue producing and perhaps our fresh offer will stimulate sales and income for our partners. In any case, it is both logical and worth the effort. The upside is large-our average "ticket" is well over $5,000 and we have an extremely high profit margin, due to our proprietary villa time acquisition model. We will happily share on that source of new business created through our cross-marketing venture with our strategic partners.

I am often cited for "thinking out of the box". In fact, I happily "live out of the box" and this new marketing effort will prove if that thought process is successful in this case. I think it will be.

Posted on March 21, 2018 .