Peter J. Burns III: When Being An Entrepreneur Really Works Well...

when being an....jpeg

So...for 40 years ( Wow,am I really that old?!) I've been starting businesses...winning with some, losing with others. However, this path has ALWAYS been my own, with no dreaded employer, tyrannical boss, or useless authority figure to get in my way. There is no doubt that my path and indeed, the path that other intrepid entrepreneurs that came before me and that will come long after me, is not an easy one. However, I believe that I am correct in saying that for the majority of us (entrepreneurs) it is the ONLY path that will ever feel right.

The picture above this blog is where I am right now. All I need is a laptop and a Smartphone (and web access, of course) to conduct my business. That is the true joy of technology and entrepreneurial freedom combined. My schedule is my own, my work output consists of mostly deal-making calls and follow up emails. At this stage of my life, it is all about delegation. Now, I pick revenue-sharing partnerships that can be measured immediately if productive or not. For administrative tasks et's for my Virtual Assistant.

No office, no employees (except contract workers) and Heaven help employer...ever!

Live or die...I am an entrepreneur and on days like this, sitting by the spectacular Pacific's what life should be all about. :)

Posted on March 21, 2018 .