Peter J. Burns III: We've All Heard Of "Pampered Pets" But...

we'e all heard of....jpeg

Just wanted to update you on the new partnership we have with Jet Senters Aviation - - who are now handling all our charter jet needs, including flying pets with jets.

We are in the luxury travel business with HL Villas ( and our marketing partners include the largest private jet charter company in the world. I learned, only today, that a small (and growing) division of this jet company actually specializes in flying pets on their private charters. I just got off the phone with one of their staff who shared that a couple and their two cats are currently on route to Maui from Oakland, California in a G-4 for the one way fare of a mere $50,000!

As an entrepreneur, I could not help but ask how this unique niche in private aviation came about and the story is this...

In 2008 an aeronautics professional, noting the changing regulations on commercial airlines regarding pet transport and the restrictions evolving, decided to do some research. Soon afterwards the FAA was required to post the incidences of pet fatalities during transport and the public outrage was such that he decided to start Pet Jets ( His new company received some great press and not a few airline charters to service this need. The economy wasn't so hot back in 2008-2009 so while there was not a lot of business but he kept the company around as he built his career in private aviation.

Now, Pet Jets is under the mantle of a very large (7000 jets) private aviation firm that we happen to be doing business with. We offer their private jets to whisk our villa renters to our exquisite properties...a perfect match and one in which will be marketed broadly within the next couple of weeks. After our discussion today and quickly surmising that many of our own large vacation villas are actually "Pet Friendly" (unlike virtually every 5 Star Hotel that we compete with)...Pet Jet and HL Villas are joining forces to market our "Pet Friendly" villas with their "Pet Friendly" private jets to see what new traffic for 'Pampered Pets" and their owners we may now serve together.

And...a new niche business is borne of two like-minded entrepreneurs in complementary businesses!

Posted on March 21, 2018 .