Peter J. Burns III: We Have Luxury Goods Consumers For Your Luxury Products...

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My name is Peter Burns and I am doing business development in the luxury goods field. Our unique luxury villa rental business utilizes luxury goods to acquire blocks of underutilized time in multi million dollar vacation villas around the world. You may see examples of some of our villa inventory at

Both our villa owners and luxury travelers represent an extraordinary opportunity for luxury goods manufacturers to gain direct access to some of the wealthiest and most qualified luxury goods consumers on the planet.

Please visit for an overview of the Program that we offer to our enrolled villa owners.

I would like to connect with the Business Development Department or Hospitality Sales Division of your company to discuss our villas' featuring your luxury products.

Would you please reach out to me to set up a call together?

Best regards,
Peter Burns

Peter Burns - Business Development

Posted on March 21, 2018 .