Peter J. Burns III: The Latest Twist In Incentive Group Travel

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Take a corporate group of high level professionals and their significant others, bound for an event in a beautiful resort locale for a well-deserved "fun-in-the-sun" annual event. Now...switch out the very nice yet traditional 5 Star Hotel accommodations for fabulous multi-million dollar private villas, all in a conclave with resort-like amenities...and you have the latest offering from HL Villas.

From the company that broke the mold for luxury villa rentals with its recently launched "Villa Express" model (see, we now bring you HL Villas Group Travel- A Doorway to Exclusivity & Privacy. For Groups from 20 to 100 (or more), HL Villas provides its proprietary "Host Villa With Surrounding Villas Programme" as the latest offering for the discerning corporate travel group.

 Taking the lesson offered from this author's recent blog, one reader (an executive in the Incentive Travel Industry) approached HL Villas with the request to offer its villas to her firm's luxury travel vertical instead of the traditional 5 Star Hotel stays...and this new vertical was born! 

HL Villas is happily facilitating a 100 member group to our villa groupings in the Caribbean, another 150 member group in Munich for the Oktoberfest and a 37 member group in Florida near Disneyworld...all for this early adopter. Each guest will be housed in an exquisitely curated private villa in a conclave of other villas centered near a "host" villa with all of the amenities of the finest 5 Star Resort. The cost is less, the services as fine and the luxury on par (or better) than any 5 Star Hotel stay of before.

There is a brand new twist in the Incentive Group Travel world...and it is brought to you by HL Villas.

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Posted on March 21, 2018 .