Peter J. Burns III: The Exchange Collection Wants You!

The exchange wants....jpeg

So...we've bootstrapped our little company since it started in March, only 5 months ago. We cobbled together whatever each of us had the skillsets for (or not, lol) and recruited some part-time experts in other key areas. In light of the fact that they are now at 2000 multi-million dollar vacation villas around the world in inventory, the first marketing effort in a beta email hit it out of the park and they just landed contracts with two of the world's largest travel marketing companies...they need to start hiring talented people to join us.

Here are the positions they need to start filling:

CTO -We need someone with tech skills of their own but also the ability to manage a growing roster of techie-types.

Sales Staff-Luxury vacation villas number in the tens of thousands around the world. We cherry pick those we want and we need the Sales Staff to bring those villa owners into our Exchange Collection Program.

Web Designer-We have two sites (both need help, lol) and we need literally dozens more as we expand. These must all be SEO-strategic, attractive and functional. After developing these sites, they need constant upgrades.

Graphics Designer-Email and print brochures, advertising campaigns, collateral material...we need it all.

Concierges-Our clientele are uber successful and expect the very best. We need people with the very finest service skills to attend to our clients-both our villa owners and the guests we place in these villas.

Interns (Paid)- We need "Indians" for our Marketing and Sales Departments as well as to do R&D for our Luxury Retail Goods Division and to help our Concierge Department.

That's a good start...I'm thinking there is room on this first pass for 20 solid team members for The Exchange Collection. If you are interested or know someone that might be, please reach out to us:

Posted on March 21, 2018 .