Peter J. Burns III: The Entrepreneur's Lair

the entrepreneurs lair.jpeg

The “home” of an entrepreneur is his workspace. His office is truly his “home away from home” and often the hours spent here far outweigh his time in his own domicile…much to the chagrin of his loved ones. In order to be most efficient, as well as comfortable, the entrepreneur’s lair must have the technology and creature comforts to make the most of his “office hours.”   The truth is that the entrepreneur doesn’t keep the standard 9 AM to 5 PM, five days a week office hours of the proverbial “wage slave.” As such, he must often work, eat and sleep at his space. The ultimate workspace for an entrepreneur is filled with comfortable furnishings, his special books and mementos, so that when he must take a break, he can stretch out on a couch and pick up a book or listen to some of his favorite music. There should be a mini-frig and of course, a coffee pot…caffeine being the “drug of choice” for the entrepreneur working throughout the early mornings and late into the night.   A conference table and work spaces throughout the office for others working with or meeting with the entrepreneur are a must. Laptops, a printer or two, monitors, a fax/scanner and any number of other tech toys dot the workspace landscape. Family pictures, favorite books in bookcases and perhaps some nice paintings adorn the walls of the entrepreneur’s lair.   In short, the more comfortable and efficient the space, the more productive the entrepreneur can be.   The entrepreneur’s lair should reflect the personality and taste of the individual and I’ve included some pics of my own workspace in this blog.

Posted on March 21, 2018 .