Peter J. Burns III: Stay On Us On A Luxurious Villa Vacation...When You List Your Property For Sale With Our Brokerage

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I am going to be the first to state here that I did not come up with this terrific way of renting our multi-million dollar vacation villas ( by obtaining real estate listings for luxury brokers. A couple of bright young men, one a luxury broker and the other a lead tech expert ran the idea by me over a week ago. Here's the problem...they never did anything but talk about it.

Well, that is simply not my style...just talking about it. I decided to take the proverbial "bull by the horns" and at 7 AM in my first coffee meeting today, I structured a deal for implementing this idea. I met with my own web master and lead generation colleague to sketch out a strategy of creating the "offer" to luxury real estate brokers. We now have a web site in process, the nomenclature of the lead gen campaign and the appropriate language being run by two separate luxury real estate brokers who will likely become early adopters.

Putting deals together is just what I do. All of the pieces were already in place: our inventory of exquisite vacation villas, the price points necessary to incentivize the real estate property owner to list their property with a confident broker and a very, very competitive market (luxury real estate sales) whose brokers need every edge to compete in these "shark infested waters."

Our villas give the luxury brokers that edge. With an average price point of $5k-$10k per vacation and the average brokerage commission of 3% (split) to 6% on a minimum of a $2 million listing ($60k to $120k net), the $5k-$10k paid to send the property lister on a spectacular villa vacation is, quite frankly, chump change.

What's the risk to the broker who receives the listing (expected to be a year in this example) you say? The risk is that the luxury broker and everyone else pushing to close the sale of the property fails and the property lister travels on them for free. Oh well...that luxury broker should start selling used cars then and get out of the luxury real estate field. However, we all know that a real pro in luxury real estate won't take a listing that they or others cannot move so...their only risk is not jumping on board.

Over the years, I have had countless "wannabe" entrepreneurs talk a good game about what they would do...but more often than not..they never, ever get off the dime. Oh well, their loss is my gain. :)

Posted on March 21, 2018 .