Peter J. Burns III: Looking For "Instant Approval" Financing Resource

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I have a client in the travel business doing $450MM annually selling airline tickets online. They have been in this business for 5 years and are solidly profitable. The principals have been successful in the travel sector for 20 years. Their business model is driving calls to the 800#s where their trained agents sell the airline tickets. There are 10,000 calls made to the company every day and the results are that 1,000 people buy tickets.

I believe that many more tickets could be sold on that first call if there was an "instant approval" credit of $1000 (average airline ticket(s) purchase) . In effect, I'm looking for a lending institution (credit card issuer) that could approve the caller while on that call, allowing them to purchase the travel tickets at that moment. This would be equivalent to a "store credit card" that is instantly approved at the register at an Old Navy, etc. but online for the airline ticket purchases. Every caller is a credit card holder but may not have the credit line left to purchase the ticket then and there. The "instant approval" for the additional private label credit line would solve this issue and drive more sales. This project is to locate the suitable credit providers and present this opportunity.

I welcome any and all direction to finding a suitable credit provider (traditional lender or alternative financing resource) interested in this project. The potential numbers are increase from the current 1 out of 10 callers converted to clients to 2 out of 10 conversions due to the extended credit would result in nearly $500MM in additional revenue generated.

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Posted on March 21, 2018 .