Peter J. Burns III: "Live Free Or Die"

Live free or die.jpeg

That should be the motto of the die-hard entrepreneur...just like me. It is also the motto on the license plates of my newly adopted summer haven of the great State of New Hampshire.

Since I started my career as an intrepid entrepreneur, I never actually considered being a "Corporate-type," nor would the "Corporate World" ever really consider someone like me in their midst. That die was cast long before the "sheeple" around me, (which seem to proliferate America) took "just the right" classes and engaged in the equally "correct" extracurricular activities to boost their resumes first, in the hopes of getting into "The" university and then to enter the workplace of one more nameless corporate gristmill.  

No, I picked my path by choice and circumstances at a tender age and never looked back. It has not been a walk in the park, by any means. Certainly, there have been the obvious financial rewards but just as often (more so, in fact) my foray into yet another entrepreneurial venture is akin to a performing a high wire act without the safety net. And yes...I have plummeted to my "business death" on my fair share of occasions.

The point of entrepreneurship, at least for me, is the fact that I have the freedom to choose...every day of my life. When I recently arrived to my new summer home here in New Hampshire and was walking through to proverbial "Town Square" of this idyllic little New England town, I could not help but be moved by the memorials and testaments to the fallen war heroes of this village, which exemplified the patriotic spirit of these proud New Hampshire citizens. Next, I kept being reminded of the sprit of entrepreneurship which seemed to call out to me with each passing vehicle proudly proclaiming, "Live Free or Die."

Then, it hit me...full force like a blow to the path in entrepreneurial independence never was about the wealth or fame so often seen as its motivation. To me and I am certain to others of my ilk, the true spark of our entrepreneurial path is "Freedom," plain and simple.

"Live Free or Die" is my motto...and in retrospect, it has always been so.

Posted on March 21, 2018 .