Peter J. Burns III: I Need Help Marketing For A "Disruptive Innovation"...

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So...forty years ago (age 19) started me on my entrepreneurial journey bringing mopeds to the US and renting them to vacationers as a college project. 100 plus start-ups later, I'm in the luxury villa business renting multi-million dollar vacation homes to tourists. I guess I really like the leisure and travel industry! 

A year ago, I came up with a cool new idea of acquiring unused time in vacation villas for "exchange," re-marketing this time at significantly discounted prices and arbitraging the spread. I filed for the patent pending, found the best operator in villa rentals I knew 16 years ago, partnered up and generated $500k in barter bookings in only 5 months.

Now we are ready for cash bookings and need to market our "disruptive innovation." No one can touch our 40% discount and we actually created a knock off of Priceline and Hotwire for villa rentals we call the "Villa Express." You can learn about it at

What we need is help in marketing our unique product. We're working on a "Flash Sale" deal, "piggybacking" marketing to email lists of complementary product providers and are even trying selective print campaigns. What we really need is a marketing idea or ideas that is/are as innovative as our product...a kind of "AirBNB for the affluent."

Any brilliant ideas our there for marketing this latest entry in the burgeoning "Sharing Economy?"

Posted on March 21, 2018 .