Peter J. Burns III: Happy Father's Day To My Fellow Fathers Out There...

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 So...this is not my typical business post but it is my most important one. Today, I celebrate what is truly the most important to me and I am sure is to my fellow Fathers....Fatherhood.

My story of Fatherhood is simply this...I married a lovely girl I met on Sanibel Island, Florida in 1979, married her on Captiva Island, Florida in 1982 and had two beautiful little girls in 1984 and 1987 in Naples, Florida.

My loving daughters are shown above from our lives together over the years. There are two sets of twins and my first granddaughter pictured above. :)

My marriage sadly ended 20 years ago and my family migrated to the West, where I promptly followed to be close to my little girls. Each found a spectacular husband and each gave birth to my precious grandchildren...five so far with other babies on the way. Each daughter gave birth to a set of twins so I will have seven grandchildren...all within 27 months of each other!

Please forgive my joy of sharing my fatherhood on this forum, yet... truly it is my greatest honor and now my sole purpose is to expand my business efforts to provide for the future educations for all of my grandbabies!

Posted on March 21, 2018 .