Peter J. Burns III: Cross-Marketing (Luxury) Client Lists For Mutual Profit...


Less than one week ago, my partner and I figured we had to come up with our own efforts of "Guerilla Marketing." We already had developed a unique and tested product in the fragmented luxury travel industry. We had booked 60 exceptional villas for nearly half a million in sales in our first several months as a start-up.

 What we do can be enunciated below on the several links and narrative:

Our villa owner and traveler's profile is summarized below:

  • Age (median) 25-55

  • Highly educated (95%+ undergraduate/masters/doctorate degrees)

  • Majority own businesses, are senior executives or professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.)

  • High net worth: $5+ million

  • High annual income: $500,000+

  • Primary home value: $2-3 million; 50% own 2nd home

  • Members are active travelers (4-6 weeks per year)

  • Members are active in other private clubs/associations

  • Members are primarily concentrated within a 100-mile radius of the top 30 metropolitan areas of the United States.


What we needed was a pipeline of new villa rental clients so we put together a little pitch and reached out to several personal business contacts with what you see below...

Greetings:Both of our companies cater to the luxury consumer market. The Luxury Villa Group offers the finest selection of multi-million dollar vacation villas at unbeatable pricing as well as such unique incentives as free airfare for the travelers.We are scaling our marketing efforts and have come up with a rather interesting offer for companies like yours, outlined on my recent post below:

The Cross-Marketing "Math" is outlined below:

We can offer 13%-15% of gross booking revenue by our cross marketing to partner email lists. Since our average booking is $5,000 based on 50 bookings in the past several months, the % due our marketing partners for reaching to their email lists = $750 per booking.

 Based upon travel industry standards, a list of 10,000 yields 12% in Opens, 1.5%+ in click-throughs and 30+ in leads generated. Based on our experience, 30 leads result in 3.5 bookings which equals $17,500 in bookings and $2,600 in partner revs.

May we please schedule a call together at your earliest convenience to discuss the possibilities together?


What occurred next was very encouraging. Only days after our reach out, we are in active negotiations with and actually secured several commitments from the following complementary companies for our co-marketing strategy:

Large outsourced Concierge Services Company-35k members, 300K monthly email newsletter

A jet charter brokerage service with 30k client list

Affiliate Marketing Company with 1MM clients of which no less than 5%-10% meet our demographic profile-50k-100k

Luxury auto concierge service

The largest SBA lender in the country with a 300k email list of business owners

Now, the "proof is in the pudding" as they say and initial indications are that this first stab at "Guerilla Marketing" may well bear fruit, both for our start-up as well as our Co-marketing partners.

I hope that anyone out there that reads this posting and either has an underutilized email list of clients with the kind of demographics our villa company caters to or knows someone that does and may be interested...gets in touch and let's see if we can help each other.

Peter J. Burns III

Posted on March 21, 2018 .