Peter J. Burns III: Connecting The Dots...For Fun And Profit

connecting the dots for fun....jpeg

Less than 8 weeks ago, I wrote the blog on the link below outlining my intention to leverage seemingly unrelated products and services with each other and today that plan manifested.

I am proud to say that a response to this Linked In blog above brought the largest (7000 jets) and longest lasting (26 years) private aviation company to me to begin talks about a joint venturing marketing effort. Only today, I received the first effort in this exciting new Program, which will generate great business for both unrelated entities. Please check out today's first joint blog:

The "math" is pretty compelling between us...our average villa ticket for properties meriting private travel is $10,000. We offer our marketing partners 15% for bringing us our clients. The average ticket for a private jet charter is a cool $50,000 and we receive 3% for bringing them the customer. Ironically, each "payday" of $1500 to the other is exactly the same.

Both parties are now marketing this heady combination of services to our combined clientele. It is a natural and now...I am on the hunt for more partnerships that offer the same opportunities for mutual benefit.

Posted on March 21, 2018 .