Peter J. Burns III: A "Game Changer" For Vacation Rental Management Companies...

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Dear Vacation Rental Management Company,

 Have you ever lost a booking because you didn't have a luxury rental home in stock that met the client's needs?

Or, you didn’t have any availability in your listed/managed homes for the requested time periods?

Or, you couldn't deliver the size or quality of home at the price point requested?

 The Exchange Collection gives you the ammunition to never lose another booking.

 We are a collection of curated villas in 30 prime resort destinations and how we work with you is elegant:

 After we speak, next time you have a booking request you can’t fulfill, send it to us and we’ll deliver what you’re looking for at:

1) A rate that is ALWAYS 20% BELOW the published best available rate, AND

2) In an industry where your commission is always the first to get shaved, we ALWAYS protect your FULL commission.

 How does The Exchange Collection do this?

 After reviewing the attachment, give us a call and let’s discuss. (VRMC pitch emailed to requestor)

 Thanks much,

 Rob McGrath


Posted on March 21, 2018 .