Peter J. Burns III: A Better "Mousetrap" For Luxury Vacation Villa Property Managers & Owners...

a better mousetrap....jpeg

The Luxury Villa Group ( is searching for a select number of Luxury Vacation Villa Property Managers to work with. Since we recently merged with the 4th largest OTA in the world, we can even combine first class travel with our exquisite villa offerings.

Our OTA partner generates 10,000 phone calls each and every day and we are able to redirect a portion of their $60mm marketing budget to generating an unprecedented volume of qualified villa rental clients...which can be delivered to any villas in our Program. (see link below)

Property Managers that work with us can financially benefit in several ways:

1) We offer a commissionable rate of upwards of 35% for sending clients to us.
2) We send villa rental clients to you, for a negotiated %, generating more flow.
3) We pay a base fee between $1500 and $3000 for each villa you bring to us.

If interested in exploring how we might work together, please contact me at:

Posted on March 21, 2018 .