Why I hate employees and love interns...

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That's not fair...I don't actually "hate" employees but I sure don't enjoy dealing with them. Back in the day (late 70s - late 90s) when I had a little mini-conglomerate headquartered in SW Florida, I had 140 employees...and 140 headaches too!

I've been in business around 38 years now and have had hundreds, if not thousands of employees over the years. Had I known about the power, performance and flexibility of hiring interns before recently...the numbers of employees I had on my payroll would have been diminished greatly.

With the "Obamaniation" of health care requirements of providing often ill-fitting and way too costly employee health benefits to small business employees, I actually wrote a nationally-syndicated article that gave my proposed solution to this issue:


So, returning to America from Africa and wanting to get into earning money again (after a 6 month stint as a volunteer), I was pressed to find how to re-enter the world of free enterprise and not be burdened with an office, filled with "wage slaves" coupled with benefit packages yada yada yada...

Remembering my last (and first) experience with hiring interns back in Scottsdale, Arizona for my capital raising business before my African adventure, I decided to do the same in California.

First off, this meant no office, so my interns could be "virtual. This also meant that I could reach out to the intern talent pool literally anywhere; the US and beyond. I drafted a simple internship request for a "personal assistant" and BAM...I had 30 applicants. Next, came the request for website design and graphics help...another dozen lined up.

Then, taking from my Ethiopian experience volunteering for an NGO, I reached out the internship ranks for grant writers...8 more showed up. With a total of over 50 active projects in play, (both Ethiopian and US-based) I wanted Project Managers and a solid 15 showed up from my listing. Since I was on a roll now, I decided to resurrect my capital raising business and start a new company and for that I needed loan origination skills, loan packaging and interns with financial and accounting backgrounds. I now have 5 (and counting) solid interns for this position.

So, I am now running my far flung "empire-to-be" from the porch of a Southern California mansion, owned by one of my partners, with my laptop and Smart Phone, communicating with the first dozen "intern hires" for the myriad of projects ahead. I even have one fabulous intern I call, "The Queen of the Interns, " who acts like an aircraft traffic controller, doling out assignments and keeping track of all. In the world of employees, she would be the Head of Human Resources. Not in my world, though, she is a part time, short term college student in search of experience that she can put on her resume when she goes to work eventually for one of you as an employee. :)

Posted on March 21, 2018 .