Who are we, really?

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Ok, I'm 58 years old, single for nearly 20 years and the proud grandfather of three little granddaughters (A 4 month old, identical twin 2 month olds) and another set of twins on the way! 5 grandchildren under a year old...absolutely amazing!

I have always identified myself as the entrepreneur of the Burns Clan and with that appellation, also comes the appellation of the proverbial "Black Sheep." Often, I've wondered why my path of life has taken such a different direction than my "normal" and oh-so-accomplished younger brothers. Were we simply "hard-wired" differently? Was I an "Alien Changeling" at birth? lol

Well, I think I actually may have the answer, which has been staring me in the face for years. We really all are hard-wired differently. Years ago, in a former life, I chanced upon a fellow entrepreneur who was an absolute believer in a personality testing process called the Kolbe Index. As a business associate, my new friend actually insisted on my taking the test, so that he could determine my inclinations and hard-wired tendencies. My own test results are shown here:


Those results, when actually read and understood, clearly demonstrate who I am from perhaps the truest measure available in the world today...or for that matter, the past 35 years since the Kolbe Index was instituted. My recorded measure of 10, as it pertains to the "Quick Start" category is perhaps the most revealing aspect to my personality. According to one of the Kolbe company's executives (and son of the founder) at the time I took the test (10 years ago now), there were only 4 recorded 10 "Quick Starts" out of the tens of thousands of tests given to date. I always knew I was special. Ha!

Here's what I know now, as they say, "hindsight is always 20/20"... I should have paid more attention to who I really was from the test results way back then, as well as insisted that potential business mates, partners and yes, even girlfriends take the test so that I could see who they really were, too. Life might have been a whole heck of a lot easier for me, having had this invaluable tool implemented and utilized.

So....I will have 3 and soon to be 5 beautiful little lives to watch grow, nurture and love while I am still on this Earth. I can't wait to see how their Kolbe Index comes back when they are old enough to take the Children's Test. Then, they might know how to sidestep the inevitable land mines in everyone's life by knowing who they really are.

See for yourself what I am talking about. Visit Kolbe.com and learn who you really are.

Posted on March 21, 2018 .